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The floor on the market is generally divided into lock and flat buckle. You can choose according to your own requirements. Flat buckle is a more traditional style. Due to the effect of locking force, the floor can be paved without glue, and the joints will be very tight. There will be no uplift or cracking due to temperature changes. The overall paving effect is good, and it can also be reused after disassembly

Sanshan floor adopts German Hercules arc lock technology, which is completely nail free, glue free and keel free in the paving process, and is directly paved on the ground, completely overcoming the problems of seam separation, warping and bulging in the process of drying and wetting the floor by the external cold and heat. It saves the height of the room, can be disassembled and reused, and is economical and practical. It has become the most powerful floor in laminate sales at present. Next, Sanshan floor editor will introduce the advantages of locking floor

the latch floor has the following advantages compared with the ordinary flat buckle floor:

first, the latch floor has more strict requirements for the substrate. In general, the latch floor can withstand a tensile force of 450 kg, so the density, relative humidity, expansion and other physical properties of the latch floor substrate are more stable

second, the latch floor is easier to pave, the joints are tighter, and the overall paving effect is good. The latch floor adopts laser automatic correction, which avoids the wave height difference, makes the tongue and groove of the floor finer and smoother, and reduces the error of manual paving. Due to the locking force of the latch floor, the floor extends around as a whole with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift, solving the internal deformation problem of the floor, and the overall paving effect is good

third, the latch floor can be paved without glue. Ordinary flat buttoned wood floors need adhesive to connect in the paving process, but the adhesive contains formaldehyde and other chemical components, so it is easy to cause indoor pollution if used more, and it is afraid that the connection is not firm if used less. Due to the effect of locking force, even if the floor is free of glue, the joints of the floor are very tight, and there will be no cracking, uplift and other problems due to the changes of temperature in the four seasons

fourth, the latch floor can be reused. The latch floor is easy to install and disassemble. Because the latch floor is free of glue pavement, it can be reused after disassembly




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