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When buying doors and windows, we mainly consider the control of access and indoor lighting. Secondly, we also need to consider safety, so it is very important to choose the material of doors and windows. What material is good for doors and windows? How to choose doors and windows of different materials

when buying doors and windows, we mainly consider the control of access and indoor lighting. Secondly, we also need to consider safety, so it is very important to choose the material of doors and windows. What material is good for doors and windows? How to choose doors and windows of different materials? Many people don't know how to deal with many doors and windows made of materials. Don't worry. Next, conross doors and windows will explain to you

I. material type of doors and windows

1. Wood window

wood window is a traditional window profile, which has been used in ancient buildings for thousands of years. Wood windows are natural, environmentally friendly, easy to manufacture, and also have excellent characteristics of thermal insulation, environmental protection, and good decoration. Therefore, from the beginning of the concept of doors and windows, they have occupied the mainstream of early door and window materials. But there are also some wooden windows " Hard injury "e;, In terms of fire prevention, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and safety, the price is relatively high

2. Aluminum alloy windows

aluminum alloy windows have light texture, strong plasticity, and can be processed in many forms. The key point is that they are not easy to rust, so they have the advantage of long service life. In addition, the price of windows made of this material is not too high, and the product series and varieties of doors and windows are gradually enriched, so they are more and more popular with consumers. But it also has some shortcomings, that is, high thermal conductivity, poor sealing, poor heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects

3. Steel windows

after the founding of new China, steel doors and windows have been widely used in industrial buildings and civil engineering, which has accelerated the development and progress of steel windows. Steel windows are a kind of solid and durable windows. It is generally used in high-rise buildings and home decoration, but the steel window has poor sealing performance, resulting in poor sound insulation and heat insulation function; The paint on the surface of steel windows is easy to fade and fall off, so home decoration is less used

4. Plastic steel windows

plastic steel doors and windows began in the late 1950s. Plastic steel windows have low thermal conductivity, 1250 times better thermal insulation effect than aluminum, and good air tightness. In cold areas, although the outdoor temperature is dozens of degrees below zero, the indoor is another world. In addition, it has good sound insulation effect, good corrosion resistance and low price, so it is widely used in home decoration. It's just easy to deform, with poor fire resistance and theft resistance

5. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

with the deepening of environmental awareness, energy-saving and environmental friendly home decoration materials are becoming more and more popular, while broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are such environmental friendly materials. It has the advantages of heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention and theft prevention, not easy to be corroded, environmental protection and energy saving. At the same time, there are also shortcomings of poor ventilation, opening angle can not be controlled at will, and poor sealing

6. Aluminum wood composite doors and windows

with the improvement of people's requirements for living comfort and interior decoration, aluminum wood composite doors and windows have been derived. Aluminum clad wood doors and windows have good thermal insulation performance, environmental protection and health; However, due to the scarcity of solid wood materials and the complex manufacturing process, the price of aluminum wood doors and windows is high

II. Selection methods of doors and windows of different materials

in fact, the purchase of doors and windows is mainly based on your own house and your own needs. Doors and windows of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the key is to see what you pay attention to. For example, if you want sound insulation and good lighting, you can choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The following is the selection method of doors and windows with different materials

1. Aluminum alloy window

aluminum alloy is a medium-grade profile, which is beautiful, sealed and high-strength. The price of ordinary aluminum alloy window is usually 400-1200 yuan/square meter, which is suitable for general home decoration. However, ordinary aluminum alloy windows make a loud sound when pulled, and conduct heat faster. After long-term use, the tightness will gradually decrease, affecting later use. The slowly developing broken bridge aluminum window is an upgraded product of aluminum alloy window, which overcomes the shortcomings of good thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy window and is more practical

selection method of aluminum alloy window:

check whether the materials, including aluminum profile, glass and hardware, are consistent in color and whether the hardware assembly is complete; Second, look at the processing. The high-quality aluminum alloy window has fine processing, smooth tangent and consistent angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), and there will be no obvious gap and smooth opening and closing during the splicing process; Third, check whether the glass is hollow glass and whether it is coated. The composite film is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high gloss; Fourth, check the size to see if the window size is correct

2. Plastic steel window

the plastic steel window layer is mainly made of high-strength anti-oxidation plastic, and the interior is supported by steel. Plastic steel windows have the characteristics of good sealing and heat insulation, no deformation as a whole, and the surface is not easy to age. Plastic steel windows can be divided into single glass and double glass in appearance. Single glass plastic steel windows are suitable for general home decoration, usually 200-400 yuan/square meter; Double glass plastic steel windows are suitable for places with high requirements for heat insulation and sound insulation, usually 450-800 yuan/square meter

how to choose plastic steel windows:

first, we should understand the PVC profiles selected for plastic steel windows. From the appearance, the ones with smooth surface and blue and white color are preferred; Second, observe whether the plastic steel window surface has obvious scratches, grooves, cracks at the weld corners, etc; Third, check that there should be a steel frame in the frame of the plastic steel window, and the glass should be installed smoothly and firmly without direct contact with the profile; Fourth, look at the glass. If it is double-layer glass, there should be no dust and water vapor in the interlayer; Fifth, pay attention to whether the joint structure of plastic steel window is directly proportional to the window area according to the design requirements. If not, consider whether the bearing capacity is reasonable

3. Wood window

as a traditional window, due to its poor corrosion resistance, it is now mostly used as a decorative indoor window or partition. Its natural wood texture creates a warm atmosphere, which is very popular in modern home decoration. In the home, the flat open wooden window is widely used. It is easy to make. The whole window can be 100% opened and has good air tightness when closed. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions, but it is not suitable for special narrow positions. The general price is 800-1600 yuan/square meter

purchasing method of wooden windows:

check whether the installation position of window frames and sashes meets the design requirements; II. Check whether the window frame is firm, whether the surface of the window shoulder is flat, whether the cutting is smooth and straight, and whether the surface has defects and color differences; III. check whether the position of hardware is correct, whether the hinge installation is slotted on both sides, the groove depth is consistent, and the edge is neat; IV. check whether the size of the cover strip and the seam pressing strip is consistent, straight and smooth, and whether the color and texture of the wooden window surface are consistent with that of the varnish

the above is conros' understanding of door and window materials, which is for your reference only. I hope to help you

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