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In the restaurant, the table occupies an extremely important core position, and the feng shui of the table also affects the fortunes of the whole family and the feelings between husband and wife. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there are also many taboos to pay attention to at the table. A little carelessness may lead to money loss or affect your health, so you must pay more attention

white candle chandeliers should not be used on the dining table

some chandeliers are composed of several candle shaped tubes. Although the design is novel and has great ornamental value, if it is hung on the dining table, it seems that white wax candles of different lengths are stacked on the dining table, which is not a good sign. Because the white candle is the symbol of funeral, the consequences of placing it in the place where families eat together can be imagined. Therefore, we must try to avoid rabbits, but candles of other colors are OK

the texture of the table should not be marble and glass

the table made of marble and glass is hard and cold. Although it has a strong sense of art, it is easy to quickly absorb the energy generated by human diet, which is not conducive to the sitting and communication of diners, so it should not be used entirely for the main table

sharp corners should not be used on the dining table

sharp corners should be avoided on the dining table: the more the sharp corners are, the sharper the urine is. Because triangle table will lead to family discord, family health damage, prismatic table will lead to money leakage, etc. As for those wavy water-shaped dining tables, although they are inconsistent with tradition, they have no sharp corners

dining tables and chairs should not be pressed by "lights"

because when someone is sitting, it will naturally form a light pressure head, forming a sound of thinking activity, which is not conducive to the development of career

the dining table should not be directly facing the door

the dining table is directly facing the door, which is easy to leak money. Residential Feng Shui stresses "like turning around and avoid rushing directly". If there is any rush, it will lead to the residents' vitality easy to vent, and feng shui will be greatly affected. If the dining table is in line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is by no means appropriate

the dining table should not be facing the kitchen

the kitchen often emits oil fumes, and the temperature is relatively high. The dining table is opposite, which is harmful to the health of his family, such as: it is easy to produce psychological conditions such as upset and grumpy

the dining table must not be facing the toilet door

the toilet is regarded as an "filthy" unclean place in Feng Shui, so the more hidden it is, the better. For example, the dining table often leads to poor health of family members





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