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Miao yuan, a child who was once subsidized by Henan Xinmi Quanmen dinggu hope primary school, and her mother wrote a letter to dinggu. The simple language and correct strokes in the letter revealed true feelings in every sentence, deeply touching every caring dinggu person

this is a letter from a mountain village thousands of miles away

it was no one else who wrote the letter. It was Miaoyuan, a child who had been funded by Henan Xinmi Quanmen dinggu hope primary school, and her mother. The simple language and correct strokes in the letter reveal the true feelings in every sentence, which deeply touches every caring dinggu person

Miaoyuan's mother mentioned in her letter that Miaoyuan's father has now healed and discharged from the hospital. In recent years, Miaoyuan has been working outside, gradually paying off his debts, and the family environment has gradually improved. Her daughter's performance has remained very good under the infection of dinggu love. At the same time, it was also mentioned that when the family's economy is better, we should also help others to carry forward and inherit this love

and Miaoyuan also said in her letter that with the encouragement of President Lin, her grades have always been among the best. She ranks first in the class in the section exam and the final exam. She is also the teacher's right-hand assistant and often helps students answer questions. He also mentioned that we should study hard, get into a good university when we grow up, repay the society with our own ability in the future, and help poor students realize their dream of studying

looking at this letter, I couldn't help thinking of the scene when she walked into Miaoyuan's house. That year, she seemed to be in a heavy situation in the face of her father's unfortunate car accident. The moment I saw us, I couldn't help crying. Maybe we can't give our child much, but we can only encourage her to be strong, brave and relax her heart in learning

today, receiving a letter from my child is not only a surprise, but also a touch. Perhaps, this is not only a letter, but also a child's hope and determination for the future

love will never stop. Dinggu also hopes to pass on this love and give more children warmth and care. At the same time, I also hope that more children who get help or need help can bravely overcome difficulties, walk firmly on the way to school and realize their dreams





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