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Add some ingredients to make doors and windows brighter. Tips for cleaning glass windows

simple methods for cleaning glass can be wiped with a cloth stained with vinegar. In addition, for the cabinet glass that is easy to be stained with oil, when serious oil stains are found, the sliced onion can be used to wipe it, so that the fuzzy and clear glass takes on a new look

the use of fresh-keeping film and wet cloth stained with detergent can also "regenerate" the glass often stained with oil. First, spray the glass with detergent, and then stick the fresh-keeping film on the equipment to soften the solidified oil stains. After 10 minutes, tear off the fresh-keeping film, and then wipe it with a wet cloth

the patterned ground glass is dirty. Use a toothbrush stained with a detergent that provides traffic measurement verification for driverless vehicles, and wipe it in circles along the pattern. At the same time, put a cloth under the toothbrush to prevent sewage from dripping

when we want to remove the self-adhesive pasted on the glass, we can use a blade to carefully scrape off the sticker, and then wipe it with nail polish remover for us to remove it all

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