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High load and high elasticity in summer add "artifact"! Xiaoshan live line work robot has joined the intelligent operation inspection, of which China's output exceeds 60million tons. In the hot summer, with the increase of high temperature weather, the demand for electricity in Xiaoshan area of Hangzhou has increased, and the electricity load has risen steadily. This time in previous years was the busiest time for the live working class of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Power Supply Company. However, the hot line work is difficult in summer. The heavy protective equipment makes each hot line work a double test of the physical and psychological quality of the operators. "Often, after one operation, our operators' clothes are soaked. Sometimes, we encounter complex faults, because we are afraid of heatstroke of live line operators, we need to change personnel midway for emergency repair." Speaking of the electricity protection work in summer, Dinghong of the live working class was filled with emotion. But this year, the emergence of a live working robot will change this situation

"this is the live working robot, which can break through the limitations of the working environment and automatically overlap the branch line leads with one key to achieve 2. Quality assurance: the intelligent power distribution operation inspection mode with a one-year equipment warranty period can reduce the workload of operators and reduce relevant safety hazards." On July 30, at the training site of the distribution branch of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Power Supply Company, wuxiaowei, the company's transportation inspection department, was evaluating and testing the live working robot. This small robot can be competent for high-risk operations such as raising or falling deformation accuracy of each instrument display. It can not only overcome the limitations of terrain, towers and other environments, but also carry out live work at night, in light rain (FOG) weather, high temperature weather and other operation scenarios with high risk factors

although "artifact" is small, it has great effect. The live working robot can independently complete the live splicing branch lead function by remote control. It is worth mentioning that the live working robot is independently developed by Hangzhou Xiaoshan Power Supply Company. Although it doesn't look amazing, it actually solves the big problem of live working. According to statistics, in 2019, the simple live line disconnection and splicing operation in the live line operation of Hangzhou Xiaoshan power supply company accounted for more than 70% of the total live line operation of all 10 (20) kV overhead lines, and the live line operation robot technology can be applied to most live line operation scenarios, which will greatly improve the intelligent uninterrupted operation capacity. Facing the future, Wu Xiaowei is full of confidence: "next, we will further optimize the live working robot, finally realize 5g remote operation, improve the human-computer interaction ability, and take Xiaoshan Power distribution as a pilot to gradually expand the promotion scope, so as to make the power distribution operation inspection more intelligent and reliable!"

however, this is only a part of Hangzhou Xiaoshan district power supply company using intelligent operation inspection to enable high elasticity electricity. In Xianghu cable tunnel, a new inspection method combining 5g intelligent inspection robot and UAV has emerged. 5g intelligent inspection robot makes full use of the characteristics of 5g high bandwidth and wide connection. It can not only carry out real-time holographic perception of the environment, electrical equipment status and other status monitoring of Xianghu cable tunnel, but also fully collect and analyze the operation and status information of massive electrical equipment, establish a regional power big data visualization application platform, and carry out active early warning of equipment operation status and rapid fault diagnosis and positioning, Realize self-healing at fault second level and restore power supply in non fault areas. "Intelligent operation inspection is making our electricity more safe and reliable!" Introduction to the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Xiaoshan district power supply company

The application of high and new technologies such as

5g, UAV, robot, etc. is injecting scientific and technological strength into high elastic electricity. From a strong flexible planning frame to a balanced source load storage elasticity, and then to intelligent operation inspection and digital intelligence empowerment, a high elastic electricity with high load-bearing, high interaction, high self-healing, and high efficiency is slowly spreading out, making sufficient preparations for the full establishment of an internationally leading energy interconnection with Chinese characteristics

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