Adjustment and maintenance of the hottest M3000 as

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M3000 asphalt mixing plant adjustment and maintenance

guide reading for most utilization of high molecular polymers: 1. The set unloading pressure of the pressure regulator is adjusted with the upper adjusting bolt. Rotate the bolt clockwise to increase the unloading pressure, and rotate it counterclockwise to decrease the unloading pressure. The pressure difference is adjusted by the differential knob at the bottom. If it is rotated anticlockwise, the pressure difference will decrease. If it is rotated clockwise

I. setting of the pressure regulator

the unloading pressure is adjusted with the upper adjusting bolt. Rotate the bolt clockwise to increase the unloading pressure and counterclockwise to decrease the unloading pressure. The pressure difference is adjusted by the differential knob at the bottom. If you rotate it counterclockwise, the pressure difference decreases. If you rotate it clockwise, the pressure difference increases. The minimum pressure difference is recommended to be 0.06mpa, and the adjustment range is 0.06 ~ 0.25MPa

II. The dust in the air inhaled by the air filter is blocked in the filter to avoid premature wear of the compressor and blockage of the oil separator. Generally, the filter element should be replaced after 1000 hours or a year of operation. In dusty areas, the replacement interval should be shortened. The filter must be shut down during maintenance. In order to reduce the shutdown time, it is recommended to replace it with a new or cleaned spare filter element which is evenly distributed

the steps for cleaning the filter element are as follows: even for the appearance parts requiring metal texture:

a. tap the two end faces of the filter element against a flat surface in turn to remove most of the heavy and dry dust

b. blow with dry air less than 0.28mpa in the direction opposite to the suction air,  The nozzle shall be at least 25mm away from the folded paper, and shall be blown up and down along its length

c. if there is grease on the filter element, it should be washed in warm water with or without foam detergent. Soak the filter element in this warm water for at least 15 minutes, and rinse it with clean water in the hose. Do not use heating to accelerate its drying. One filter element can be washed for 5 times, and then discarded for reuse

d. put a lamp in the filter element for inspection. If it is found that it is thinner, the pinhole or damaged part should be discarded

III. cooler

the inner and outer surfaces of the cooler tubes must be kept clean, otherwise the cooling effect will be reduced. Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly according to the working conditions

IV. air storage tank/oil-gas separator

air storage tank/oil-gas separator shall be manufactured and accepted according to pressure vessel standards, and shall not be modified arbitrarily

v. safety valve

the safety valve installed on the air storage tank/oil-gas separator shall be inspected at least once a year to adjust the safety  The valve shall be carried out by a dedicated person. The lever shall be used at least once every three months to open and close the valve, so as to ensure the normal operation of the safety valve

the inspection steps are as follows:

a. close the gas supply valve

b. connect the water source

Shandong graphene industrialization demonstration base was listed in Jining new material industrial park in July; With the approval of the Ministry of industry and information technology, C. start the unit

d. while observing the working pressure, slowly rotate the adjusting bolt of the pressure regulator clockwise. When the pressure reaches the specified value and the safety valve has not been opened or has been opened before reaching the specified value, it must be adjusted

the adjustment steps are as follows

a. remove the cap and lead seal

b. if the valve is opened too early, loosen the locknut and tighten the positioning bolt for half a turn. If the valve is opened too late, loosen the locknut for about one turn and loosen the positioning bolt for half a turn

c. repeat the inspection steps. If the safety valve still cannot be opened at the specified pressure value, adjust it again

VI. experiment of digital display thermometer

the test method of digital display thermometer is to put its thermocouple together with a reliable thermometer in the oil bath. If the temperature deviation is greater than or equal to +/-5%, the thermometer should be replaced

VII. Motor overload relay

under normal conditions, the contact shall be closed. When the current exceeds the rated value, it shall be opened to cut off the motor power supply

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