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Adjustment and maintenance of roller components

the adjustment of roller components will directly affect the normal use of offset press and the quality of printing products. In addition to the strict requirements on the machining accuracy of the drum parts, there should also be strict requirements on the adjustment of each of its parts. Only in this way can the drum parts play a good role in offset printing and cooperate with other parts to jointly complete the task of exquisite printing (Encyclopedia). The installation and adjustment of roller components shall be used to clamp the following points of different types of harnesses

1) ensure that the radial runout of plate cylinder, rubber cylinder and impression cylinder is within the allowable range. The drum is positioned by the fitting tolerance of the eccentric sleeve participating in the fitting work, and there must be a fitting cumulative error. The more eccentric sleeves participating in the fitting work, the greater the cumulative error, which will directly affect the axial and radial positioning accuracy of the drum. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the fitting clearance when installing the fitting cylinder sleeve

2) the axial displacement of each drum shall not exceed 0.03mm, otherwise it will cause printing quality failure

3 Polaris offset printing is a unique printing method that requires wetting the plate surface with fountain solution. Offset printing fountain solution contains acidic substances and surface active substances, which are corrosive to the surface of printing plate, rubber and impression cylinder. In particular, the printing plate cylinder is in contact with the fountain solution for a long time. If the printing plate cylinder is seriously eroded, it will cause the unevenness of the printing plate surface, which will lead to the deficiency of image and text points and the light local printing pressure. And repairing the plate cylinder is a very troublesome thing

in order to prevent the fountain solution from eroding the printing plate cylinder, the best way is to apply a layer of grease on both ends of the liner paper of the printing plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder when the temperature changes. The principle of oil-water repulsion is used to prevent the fountain solution from penetrating into the printing plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining the printing plate cylinder

4) for the impression cylinder, in addition to ensuring the same requirements as other cylinders, attention should also be paid to the normal function of a set of teeth attached to the impression cylinder. Printing faults such as inaccurate overprinting, tearing, wrinkling and ghosting are mostly caused by the abnormal condition of the gripper. Therefore, while maintaining the imprint cylinder, we should pay more attention to whether the working condition of the gripper is normal. Regularly add lubricating oil to rectangular samples and brittle samples to keep them lubricated for a long time and work in a good lubricating state

5) each printing cylinder should be kept clean. For the printing plate and rubber cylinder, it is more important to ensure the cleanness of shoulder iron and a small number of exposed cylinder parts. If ink is stuck, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise ink will accumulate around the cylinder body for a long time and form a block. The caked ink is located in the shoulder iron gap of the pressing cylinder, which affects the normal printing state of the cylinder, and will produce impact and jump at the bump of the ink layer, resulting in inaccurate ink bar or overprint

6) if the drum bearing, drum gear sleeve and other parts are not cleaned for a long time, the wear between them will be accelerated, which is unfavorable to the machinery and equipment. Because the imprint cylinder is often exposed, the cylinder body is often affected by various external factors. Therefore, pay attention to the maintenance of the imprint cylinder body. At the end of each shift, the working surface shall be cleaned in time, and the ink imprint adhered to it shall be cleaned to keep the working surface clean

7) in the process of use, we should also regularly check the clamping device of the printing plate cylinder and the rubber cloth crimping mechanism of the rubber cylinder. If any problem is found, we should deal with it in time to keep the drum components in the best condition for operation

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