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Nano alumina (model vk-l30jy) has uniform particle size distribution, high resistivity and good insulation performance. It is widely used in plastics, rubber, ceramics, coatings, polyimide films (tapes), polyester films (tapes) The impact testing machine of Rou Jinan testing machine factory is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, soft composite materials (DM, DMD, NHN, NMN, etc.) (belt), polyester fiber cloth (belt) and other insulation products that meet the project requirements of short construction period in the closed test area

I. main application fields:

1 Insulation coating, and then clamp the large deformation (tracker) of the tensile tester into the middle coating and coating film of the rubber test piece: adding nano alumina (model vk-l30jy) to the coating can improve the density and dielectric breakdown strength of the coating, and the comprehensive insulation performance is the best. At the same time, improve the high temperature resistance

2 Thermal conductive and insulating composite material: nano alumina (model vk-l30jy) is added to resin, plastic and rubber to significantly improve the insulation performance and thermal conductivity. The insulation performance can be increased by more than 3 times, and a heat conducting chain is formed at the same time

3. Insulator material of high-voltage lead-in rod:

the high-voltage lead-in rod made by adding nano aluminum oxide (model vk-l30jy) has excellent acid corrosion resistance, electrical performance and extremely high mechanical strength, and can be widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, power, electronics and other occasions with poor use environment or special requirements

4. Battery for electric vehicles, notebook computers, etc., used between positive and negative poles of lithium battery α― Nano alumina (model vk-l30jy) is sealed with electrical insulator to improve safety performance

example 1:

(1) when the content of nano Al2O3 is not more than 14%, the viscosity of the glue solution does not decline faster than that of pure polyamide resin. Therefore, the existence of nano Al2O3 and precursor has little effect on the storage stability of the glue solution

(2) with the increase of nano Al2O3 content, the apparent decomposition temperature of the composite films first increases, reaches the maximum value at about 5%, and then decreases, which is about 10 ℃ higher than that of pure PI films

(3) with the increase of nano Al2O3 content, namely HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH and Hrk, the tensile strength of the films first increased, reached the maximum value at 5%, and then decreased, which was 47% higher than that of pure PI films; The tensile strength of the composite film was not affected by the storage of the glue solution for 4 days

(4) under normal conditions, when the content of nano Al2O3 is 10%, the volume resistivity of the composite film reaches the maximum, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of pure PI. Therefore, adding a certain amount of Al2O3 can improve the electrical insulation of the composite film, especially the high-temperature volume resistivity

usage: it is recommended to grind after mixing, and the effect will be better (end)

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