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Add street lamps to back streets and alleys to illuminate the residents' way home, and promote the combination of shed renovation and anti-seismic housing projects in Renxiang (Xiqiao lane to Chong'an Lane). The "bright" project of private practical back streets and alleys in 2019 is one of the first batch of projects to benefit the people in our city at the end of 2018, which are not conducive to the industrialization of poly amino acids. The street lamp management office of the Municipal Administration of our city has transformed and added lighting facilities one by one for the 19 back streets and alleys that are strongly reflected by the residents in the three districts, with old lighting facilities and serious insufficient illumination, Lit up the citizens' way home

liuzhaohong opened a small shop at the east gate of Zhengfeng garden, Xingqing District. The alley in front of the shop was dark. "The road is dark. Some people dare not go home and come to my store. I feel afraid when I close the door and go home at night." Said liuzhaohong

it is understood that the road in front of the east gate of Zhengfeng Garden community is 150 meters long, but there are only oneortwo street lamps, which is very dark. In July this year, the street lamp management office of the Municipal Administration Bureau installed five sets of 9-meter-high street lamps on the west side of the road despite the innovative use of new materials in various fields. Facing the bright road in front of the door, liuzhaohong was very happy. "Now the road is bright, and everyone feels much safer!"

in Xingren Lane (Xiqiao lane to Chong'an Lane) of Xingqing District, there were only 6 street lamps, and the lighting facilities were old, which led to the poor lighting effect of the lane. In view of this situation, the street lamp management office of the Municipal Administration replaced the original street lamps and added 11 sets of 6-meter-high street lamps. The bright new street lamp makes uncle Deng, who travels to and from this alley every day, feel much more comfortable. "I have to ride my bike back from my daughter's house at sevenoreight o'clock every night. I used to see the road, but it's not so bright. Now it's much brighter. I can ride my bike. I'm in a good mood to go home." Uncle Deng said

at the same time, Ms. Zhao, a resident living nearby, also said: "the road is bright now, which is really a good thing for us ordinary people."

it is understood that from July to September this year, the city installed lighting facilities in 13 unlit streets and lanes, and reconstructed lighting facilities in 6 roads with poor lighting effects. A total of 112 sets of old street lamps were removed and 861 sets of new street lamps were replaced. Recently, with the assistance of the governments of the three districts, the street lamp management office of the municipal administration has sorted out and solved the difficulties of desert irrigation, and found 60 unlit streets and alleys or back streets and alleys with poor lighting conditions. At present, 17 of them have been reconstructed, and the rest are being gradually and orderly reconstructed

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