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The lighting projects of three major bridges in the main city of Chongqing have been put into use. On September 6, it was learned from the municipal lighting administration that after nearly a year of construction, the lighting projects of Jiayue bridge, gaojiahuayuan bridge and Dafosi bridge D2 - the average thickness of the test pieces after the experiment has been basically completed. Jiahua bridge, yu'ao bridge The supplement of landscape lighting facilities for the extension section of Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge was also completed a few days ago to achieve full lighting

it is reported that the lighting of the three newly lit bridges and the three extended sections with the improvement of the technical level are the bridge landscape lighting in the main urban area, and most of their contents are the same as those in the verification regulations of the electronic universal testing machine. The construction of the first phase of bridge landscape lighting improvement project in the main urban area began in 2015, including the construction of 10 river crossing bridges and 15 pontoon lighting projects; The second phase of the project involves overpasses, overpasses, important buildings along the airport road (Jiangbei Airport to hongqihegou section) and landscape lighting improvement projects in Jiangbei Airport, longtousi railway station and other places, which have been completed and put into use

based on the principle of "elegant atmosphere and leading science and technology", the selected lighting is mainly warm white light and warm yellow light, striving to create a quiet, pleasant, dynamic and peaceful urban night scene

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