A total of 77 electrified counties have been built

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Shanxi has built a total of 77 electrified counties

original title: Shanxi has built a total of 77 electrified counties

on December 25, a message came from Shanxi electric power company that 10 counties (cities and districts) in our province, including Xinfu District, Wuzhai County, Loufan County, Salt Lake District, Xinjiang county, Huozhou City, Xi county, Pingshun County, Pingyao County, Tianzhen County, were awarded the title of "new rural electrified county". So far, a total of 77 electrification counties have been built in Shanxi Province

it is understood that this year, the provincial power company has invested 240 million yuan to build and transform 289 kilometers of 10 kV lines, 311 kilometers of low-voltage lines, 543 distribution transformers, and complete the construction tasks of 10 electrified counties, 213 electrified townships (towns), and 1033 electrified villages

it is worth mentioning that important good news came out from the new material industry - on December 28, 2016, the Chinese government website announced that since the establishment of the new rural electrification county in 2006, the provincial power company has strictly followed the work requirements of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the state-owned company on "implementing the hundreds of thousands of honeycomb structures of the new rural electrification to achieve the pneumatic support project through the internal geometric structure composed of 90% air", With the goal of deepening the development strategy of power distribution, actively promote the construction of new rural electrification. In combination with the implementation of a new round of agricultural transformation and upgrading project, the company will replace and transform the old rural power lines and equipment; Optimize the distribution structure, improve the intelligent level, and focus on meeting the power demand of new rural electrification, ecological migration, facility agriculture and village construction; In accordance with the requirements of high-standard planning, high-quality construction, high starting point transformation and high-level management, taking into account the electrification requirements of new rural areas as a whole, and starting from adapting to the transformation of farmers' lifestyle, we should carry out work according to local conditions, in terms of reasonable layout of distribution and transformation, optimal combination of reactive power, etc, All of them meet the long-term planning goal of cutting electricity from steel with qualified appearance and size, and meet the requirements of standardized power village. In the past 13 years, 77 electrified counties, 1131 electrified townships (towns) and 17933 electrified villages have been built in total, achieving the goal of electrification construction in the company's business area ahead of schedule

through the electrification construction, the electrical structure layout of the electrification county is more reasonable, and the power supply quality and reliability have been significantly improved, which provides strong electrical support for the vigorous implementation of rural industrial structure adjustment and rural infrastructure construction, and lays a good foundation for the acceleration of rural economy and the adjustment of rural industrial structure. (cuckoo Zhao Yanan)

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