A sudden fire broke out in a warehouse in Waigaoqi

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A sudden fire broke out in a warehouse in Waigaoqiao, and Warburg Pincus spared no effort to ensure fire rescue

thick smoke billowed over the ignition point

a sudden fire broke out in a warehouse in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai in mid December

thick smoke billowed at the scene

it is reported that the fire area belonged to Shanghai Kerry grain and Oil Co., Ltd.

after receiving the alarm, Shanghai fire control

organized fire fighting forces

to the scene for rescue at the first time

it is reported that, The major shareholder of Shanghai Kerry grain and Oil Co., Ltd. is Fengyi Trading (China) Co., Ltd. the most famous arowana is the brand of its parent company. The fire base is one of the 70 bases of YIHAI KERRY in the country

after the report of the police situation, the local government attached great importance to it. In order to minimize the losses, the Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps immediately dispatched more than 300 fire commanders from 15 fire brigades including Pudong, Baoshan, Xuhui, Minhang, Songjiang, and more than 40 fire trucks to the scene for disposal

Warburg Pincus' emergency equipment plays the role of clairvoyant shunfenger at the scene

as a provider of visual emergency command and rescue system for national fire teams, Warburg Pincus' technical expert team took individual soldiers and command video terminals to the rear command center for support at the first time when it got the police information. In the process of fighting, the individual soldiers were set up in a place with a wide field of vision and a relatively low dynamic friction coefficient on the surface of the film. They took real-time photos of the fire in the warehouse and the rescue situation and sent them back to the rear command center for the leaders of the Corps to watch and make commands and decisions. The command video terminal is deployed in the rear command center of Shanghai Fire Corps to receive the images and video data returned from the rescue site in real time for leaders to view and make command decisions accordingly

the scene picture taken by a single soldier

the rescue transmission app has high mobile combat efficiency

the incident is urgent. In order to meet the needs of leaders and commanders to view images at any time and anywhere and understand the on-site rescue situation, this time, Huaping has specially equipped the rescue scene image transmission app for leaders to view the on-site rescue and cleaning on the mobile terminal on the way to the scene. This is a mobile application combined with the image integrated platform, which can realize the two-way video connection and command between the front and back, and realize the image resource sharing in each sampling interval to avoid the loosening or fracture of the clamping template and the falling of the mold

the image transmission app at the rescue site includes disaster express, image collection, monitoring image call and other functions, which meets the needs of leaders and commanders at all levels for mobile battle command, and greatly improves the efficiency of command and scheduling

rescue scene map app application scenario

after 7 hours of continuous fire fighting, the open fire was finally extinguished without causing casualties. Warburg Pincus' equipment was tested again, meeting the needs of emergency flexibility, and Warburg Pincus' full support was recognized again

[tips]: in winter, the air is dry, and the fire and power consumption are large. According to the analysis of professional researchers, only some auxiliary functions and equipment such as additives are made to prevent fire

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