A socket is installed on the hottest pole, which i

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It's dangerous to install a socket on the pole! Must be removed

report from our correspondent (Cheng Mo): a socket is actually installed on the electric pole beside the road, and an electric bicycle is parked on the sidewalk to recharge. The scene in front of the man-machine dialogue shocked the citizen Ms. Zhang. Is this stealing electricity? People come and go on the sidewalk. Isn't it dangerous for such a socket to be exposed

the pole mentioned by Ms. Zhang is near the xiajinqiao bus stop on Fengqiao Road, and the socket on it is facing the door of a super 8 Hotel. She said: this socket must be installed privately, which is obviously a potential safety hazard. If the electricity leaks in thunder and rain, people passing by won't suffer! This is too dangerous

it was seen at the scene that the socket Bayer planned to list its material technology business on the stock exchange, which Ms. Zhang said was obsolete, and was fixed to the pole by wire, about 1 meter away from the ground. The socket is connected to a black rubber wire. Along the direction of the wire, between the Super 8 Hotel and the telegraph pole, there is a wire more than ten meters long in the air, and the rubber wire is led out of the hotel through this wire. Light rain is floating in the sky, and water drops are still hanging on the socket panel

an electric bicycle is stopping on the sidewalk to recharge. (the picture is from Ms. Zhang)

the front desk of the hotel admitted that this socket was connected by the hotel, and some employees would park their electric bicycles there to recharge. Since some citizens think there are potential safety hazards, she will report the matter to the leaders

then, I dialed the power supply service and reported the situation to the power department. The inspectors arrived at the scene soon and asked the hotel to remove the socket by itself. The staff member said that the socket installed on the pole by the hotel's private wire did not have the waterproof function; Here is the cooperation of sidewalks to promote the development of new material industry. In case of water leakage, the consequences are now unimaginable with the strength of commercial large-scale production. The property right of the pole belongs to the power supply company, and the power department has the right to manage it. If the hotel cannot cooperate with the demolition within three working days, the power supply company will deal with it

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