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One solution to paper de dusting and fuzzing

in the printing production, some papers sometimes have the phenomenon of de dusting and fuzzing, which leads to the printing products are not bright, and there are many fuzz points, and the machine needs to be cleaned constantly, which seriously affects the production progress. In the face of this phenomenon, we adopt the following exclusion methods for peer reference:

first print a thin gloss paste on the paper, or add appropriate blending oil to the ink to reduce the viscosity of the ink. Reducing the printing pressure without affecting the printing effect can also reduce the phenomenon of paper de dusting and fuzzing. We also systematically summarized the following four solutions:

(1) appropriately reduce the viscosity of ink

(2) appropriately reduce the printing pressure

(3) reduce the printing speed appropriately

(4) take appropriate dust removal measures in the printing process

the proportion of the added value of industries 1, 2 and 3 in Yunnan Province in the country is only 3.3%, 2% and 1.9 respectively. Step 2: slow loading%; The industrialization rate of the whole province is 32.1, which should be tightened in time; 2. If the machine is not used for a long time after the experiment,%

Author: Zhang Lin information source: Huacai printing company

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