12366 part-time expert seats established by Qingha

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In order to meet the needs of tax consulting services and the gradual increase in the proportion in recent years, and improve the timeliness, professionalism and accuracy of 12366 tax service full-time staff to answer tax related consulting questions, Qinghai provincial SAT has recently adopted the methods of level by level recommendation, centralized evaluation and differential selection, 55 12366 part-time experts were selected and determined in the provincial national tax system, and a talent team with optimized structure and professional quality was formed

the 55 12366 part-time expert seats selected this time are the on-the-job personnel of tax business positions in tax administration, collection and management, inspection, policies and regulations departments of national tax authorities at all levels in the province, mainly young and middle-aged tax business backbones, with an average age of 38 years and an average tax age of 16 years. The part-time expert seat is mainly responsible for timely coordinating and solving the difficult problems that 12366 full-time seat personnel cannot reply accurately, and further strengthening the professional training of staff. The Provincial State Administration of Taxation will focus on strengthening the training and education of expert staff from the aspects of theoretical training and practical training, and adopt the method of short-term secondment according to work needs. The safety experiment data can be stored and arranged in text form. The expert staff will be engaged in consultation reply, training and guidance within a certain period of time, and according to the work performance and job changes of the expert staff with a ball stuck in the collet above, Dynamic management of 12366 part-time experts. Qinghai Provincial State Administration of Taxation

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