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A "student bully" in a middle school in Yancheng was successfully admitted to Cambridge University

yesterday, the British Suman international education center sent good news to Tinghu high school in our city, congratulating sun Ning of the school on being admitted to Cambridge University. Yancheng evening news learned that sun Ning, who was born in 1998, studied in Jiefang Road School Education Group from primary school to high school. When he was a sophomore in high school, he was admitted to the UK odermxiumo school in cooperation with the school, and then went to the UK to study in high school. Since Sun Ning and his parents are currently in the UK, Yancheng evening news interviewed sun Ning's teachers and classmates to share with readers the characteristics of this student bully

problems were almost contracted by him

Xu Fuhai was a math teacher in sun Ning's first year of high school. Recalling this student, Xu Fuhai said he was "very spiritual". "I remember the last city survey examination in the first year of senior high school. He got the first place in mathematics." Xufuhai said that sun Ning has been studying in Jiefang Road School Education Group since primary school, and directly jumped to grade one in grade five

he was thirsty for knowledge

"Sun Ning was very proactive. When he talked about problems in class, he would directly stand up and speak out the steps of answering the problems. He almost contracted the problems in the class." Xu Fuhai told the Yancheng evening news that sun Ning was very good in science and was able to get through at a glance. "Before he went to study in Britain, he specially chatted with me and said that his ambition at that time was to study mathematics at Oxford University."

in the view of teachers, sun Ning is not dead learning. "He is normally the top three in the class. Even if he doesn't do so well in the exam, his mentality is still very positive and sunny."

he has more problems than anyone.

in the class where sun Ning was in that year, what impressed the teachers was that the boys were sun Ning and the girls were Gu Yi. Gu Yi is currently studying at Southeast University. She is in the same class with sun Ning Junior High School. "I think he is a person with a lot of accumulation and a learning bully. He studies very hard." Gu Yi said

"Sun Ning was not particularly top-notch in his class in the first semester of junior high school. Later, after the second semester of junior high school, he sat firmly in the first place." Gu Yi said that many people think he is very smart. The industry is facing certain ways to improve efficiency and performance, but the students who get along day and night saw his efforts. "Later, when he was in high school and in senior one, he ran for president of the student union. In the first round, he ranked first. Later, in the second round, I don't know why he didn't go. Maybe he wants to make plans for studying abroad." Gu Yi told Yancheng evening news that as a Xueba, sun Ning has never relaxed in his studies. "His grades are so good, but he has more problems than anyone, which makes me quite admire."

the monitor who is merciless to the "best friend"

SUN Ning, who went to high school, served as the monitor. High school evening self-study class seems calm and silent, but it is actually the most active and relaxed time for students

according to Gu Yi's memory, sun Ning's best friend would always deliberately belch during the self-study class, causing the whole class to laugh. As the monitor, sun Ning was also merciless and stood up to regulate the class order. Now I think of it, it was also an interesting thing about the class at that time. "He is particularly principled and opinionated, and he also likes to organize students to go out together. We went to the suburbs to pick strawberries and drive other industries to create a market range of $7 trillion. We made dumplings together and planned the sports meeting. His organizational ability and appeal are particularly good."

he Yajin, sun Ning's head teacher in high school, told Yancheng evening news that sun Ning was serious in every move when doing radio gymnastics, "he is really a serious, rigorous and principled person."

buy non sticky chalk for the teacher

"Sun Ning is a very careful student." High school English teacher Ma Kaixiong said, he is also the director of the international education center of Tinghu high school

Ma Kaixiong still remembers some very thoughtful things that sun Ning did. "He will search for some good chalk on the. The kind of chalk ash that won't stick to his hands is put on the podium on teacher's day or other important festivals, which makes us feel very considerate as teachers."

MA Kaixiong believes that sun Ning is a student who makes teachers feel at ease. "In the self-study class, sun Ning is in charge. There is no problem in discipline. Even the mobilization meeting before each exam is presided over by him. Although he is young in the class, he is very energetic."

I don't want to play the piano by myself in an empty room

in Gu Yi's view, sun Ning is a little different from his old classmates, "he is very curious about everything, especially daring to try new things." Gu Yi said that when sun Ning just went abroad, they also had contact

"just arrived in Britain, sun Ning also talked with me, saying that there was a piano in the British school that was often empty and no one practiced it, so he taught himself to play the piano and used it." Gu Yi felt that there were few things to try in China. Sun Ning also obtained a helicopter driving license in the UK. In addition, sun Ning has a wide range of hobbies. In the impression of teachers and students, he likes photography, "often organize activities, take us out, and take photos of students." Gu Yi added

if you want to

study in the UK...

British universities that are popular with Chinese students

according to the data of Chinese students applying for British graduate students, the application information of five British graduate students that are more popular with Chinese students is summarized, which may be of reference value to students preparing for British graduate student applications

1. Loughborough University is one of the top 20 universities in the British university rankings. Loughborough University consists of three colleges with special fixture and software: the College of engineering, the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of social sciences. All colleges offer undergraduate, lecturing master's and doctoral courses. Loughborough is also famous for sports. There are a large number of sports and fitness facilities on the campus, which can carry out more than 50 kinds of sports activities. The school is located in the middle of England, and it only takes about 90 minutes to get to London by train. At present, there are more than 700 students from China, about half of whom are studying for master's degree in business school and economics department

2. Cambridge University

Cambridge University is the institution of higher learning with the most Nobel Prize winners. 88 Nobel Prize winners have taught or studied here, and more than 70 people are students of Cambridge University. Generally speaking, the educational system in Britain is shorter than that in the United States. Undergraduate students in Cambridge University usually have three to four years. After three years, you can get a bachelor's degree; After four years, I will be a master; If you start working after getting your bachelor's degree in three years, you can also hand in your thesis on the job one year later and apply for the master's degree directly

3. As one of the oldest and most famous full-time comprehensive universities in Britain, the University of Glasgow plays an important role in British culture and business life. The university has ten universities, more than 100 departments and more than 300 undergraduate and master's majors. It covers management, accounting and finance, art, biochemistry, education, engineering, law, medicine, physics, social sciences, veterinary medicine, etc. Among them, graduate students account for a high proportion, and 30% of graduate students come from overseas

4. Oxford University

since 2006, the tuition fees of foreign students can reach up to 20000 pounds (about 190000 yuan) per year. Although overseas college students cannot receive the generous subsidies enjoyed by British local students, they have the opportunity to obtain various generous scholarships, most of which are full awards. Ng scholarships, GH college scholarships, citibank/fco scholarships, scholarships provided by the Oxford Scholarship Foundation in Hong Kong, and the Centennial scholarship of shell transport and trade company are all open to overseas students

5. University of St Andrews

among the students of the University of St Andrews, 12% of the undergraduates come from overseas, and the quality of teaching and scientific research is very high. This is also the University chosen by Prince William. The university has always maintained an excellent and leading position in academic research. Major strengths include: economics, chemistry, geography, mathematics and statistics, physics, history, cell and molecular biology, organic biology, European language, psychology

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