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Polyester filament is nearly applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. Market Overview: polyester filament price is weak and lowered

the center of gravity of polyester Market in Xiao Shao market is equipped with two clamping jaws on the movable clamping jaw seat, which slightly sinks, FDY is reduced by 100 yuan/ton, and the DTY quotation is stable, but the actual transaction center of gravity plummets; At present, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is still strong, and the inventory is still at a high level

the ex factory prices of polyester factories around Shengze Jiaxing market are basically stable, price concessions and promotions are common, and the average production and sales rate can still be maintained at about%. Among them, fdy50d/48f, 75d/72f, FDY glossy silk, dty75d/72f, 150d/144f and their winding markets sell well. In addition, dty75d black silk is relatively smooth, and the sales of other varieties are general. The sales of mainstream fdy63d products in the market today are also poor, with the market center price of yuan/ton, But the batch sales are low, "said manager Yan: "Lubrizol has always been relatively low-key to yuan/ton in terms of market promotion. POY series products have not improved, and the demand for production of splicing and texturing has decreased. It is difficult to sell POY products, among which the price of some new capacity products is in a state of decline.

the trading volume of polyester cationic silk is small, among which the actual trading price of FDY silk market also has a negative decline. In the past two days, the market sales of polyester/nylon composite silk and island composite silk are acceptable However, due to the increase in market supply, its price trend remains stable

on the whole, market traders continue to be bearish about the aftermarket. The purchasing power of textile mills is low, and the principle of ordering by production. In addition, the PTA market is weak, and the eg spot market also fell slightly. At present, practice has proved that PMMA artificial eye is one of the most ideal methods for eye appearance repair. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the polyester market is relatively strong. Therefore, the overall polyester market will also show a weak consolidation trend in the near future

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