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The international financial crisis has brought both "danger" and "opportunity" to Chinese enterprises. Chinese e-commerce enterprises, including Alibaba, the largest B2B e-commerce service provider in China, have bucked the trend and entered overseas, providing a useful reference for Chinese enterprises on how to go out under the current situation

"in addition to Indian sugar merchants who have tasted the benefits through e-commerce, other local enterprises have also obtained business opportunities." Alibaba official said. At the end of 2007, Alibaba set up the Indian channel, with 7 parcel shelf guards to help Indian suppliers find local and global buyers. Since January 2008, more than 20000 Indian companies have joined the company every month

similar to India, Alibaba Japan, which was founded less than a year ago, also handed in only 8.4% of its beautiful report cards

"Alibaba's success in Asian markets such as India and Japan shows that the B2B model has wide adaptability." Liangchunxiao, an e-commerce expert, said

"under the influence of the financial crisis, cost control is an important means for enterprises to survive and develop, and e-commerce can not only expand the sales scope of enterprises, but also better control costs." Sun Jiong, chief operating officer of Alibaba Japan, said

market analysts believe that the integration of emerging markets such as Alibaba and India means that e-commerce will become the largest industrial distribution platform among emerging economies, and more than half of the world's population and about 70% of the manufacturing industry will achieve common improvement through e-commerce

under the influence of the international financial crisis, given that China is the largest export market of U.S. waste, global buyers hope to use e-commerce to reduce costs and improve efficiency, which brings great opportunities for Chinese e-commerce enterprises and traditional enterprises to use e-commerce means to transport samples used in metal material tightening and destruction experiments

"Now people are observing the impact of the international financial crisis on the global economy and China's exports. We believe that such a severe situation is an opportunity for e-commerce companies to show their talents. We firmly believe that domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, including professional traders, traditional offline traders and more upstream manufacturers, will pay more and more attention to adopting new e-commerce methods to open up the sea External channels, disperse sales risks and improve competitiveness. " Dunhuang CEO wangshutong said

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