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A brief analysis of the existing problems in domestic dairy packaging design

when it comes to dairy packaging, people's ISRI learned that the first thing in the brain is the packaging form or the words and patterns on the packaging. In fact, the mechanical locking of words and patterns used in previous fixtures is only a part of packaging design, which contains many complex factors

packaging is a link of corporate image and marketing, the implementation of strategies, a medium of communication, and economic benefits. We should be good at using and skillfully using packaging design. In order to help carry out the belief that dairy enterprises and designers jointly design excellent dairy packaging to the end, looking at the current dairy packaging design, there are many problems, which are summarized as the following ten

problem 1: the concept of dairy products is not clear or accurate

it is too general in product positioning to make everyone buy this product, so the packaging design cannot communicate with consumers purposefully and capture their hearts. No one will believe in buying a medicine that can cure all diseases. Many successful products have narrow positioning, but they can accurately hit the target

problem 2: the marketing mission and role of dairy products are not defined, and the grade and sense of value of products cannot be reflected harmoniously

packaging is the coat of products, just like people's coats. The first impression of products is presented from the packaging design. Originally, the packaging design of products with high-quality connotation is like a stall; The packaging design of products that originally have no content value is elegant and luxurious, which makes consumers flinch or feel that their biological value is inconsistent. They can't buy again or even finally give up continuous purchase - any disharmonious matching is a failure

problem 3: the arrangement of information layer of dairy products is unreasonable, the primary and secondary are not clear, and the packaging information is inaccurate

many information that needs to be seen intuitively has to be searched by consumers; The shelf effect is not good, and the customers in front of the shelf cannot be caught instantly; The vision is weak, which is submerged in the packaging of other products, and can't even be seen on the shelf

problem 4: the product packaging of an enterprise is not like a family on the shelf. The reason is that the packaging design styles are different

problem 5: imitation is more serious

from product content to packaging design, partial or even complete imitation can only be spread to the prototype

problem 6: the packaging design of products produced in a region is like a series of products produced by a brand and a family

cannot break through the inherent thinking mode to treat the application of colors, graphics and words in packaging. Traditional colors and graphics with local characteristics can be used as the keynote design elements of the brand, but dairy products in the same region improve the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution, which complement each other. Brands should make differences in brand visual identity design to distinguish each other

problem 7: the function of packaging is not brought into full play. For example, the combination of packaging design and advertising, packaging design and promotion, as well as the design of packaging itself (the category of industrial modeling design)

problem 8: most gb/t 3098.2 (2) 000 fasteners mechanical properties nuts coarse thread number domestic packaging has no identification, packaging opening, drinking, storage methods, or the identification is not comprehensive. In the aspect of information icon, it is still not in line with international standards

question 9: you can't decide between sales force and aesthetics. In fact, aesthetics does not affect sales at all; On the contrary, aesthetic product packaging will promote sales

question 10: there is no standard to judge a good package, only by the intuition of relevant decision-makers of the enterprise. What customers pass is good packaging

the personnel of the enterprise marketing department need to strengthen aesthetic professional training, otherwise they can't inspire and judge the designer's works, and create good works interactively. Otherwise, the packaging design will eventually become the product of compromise between both parties and cannot achieve the best. Understand marketing but not aesthetics; Or understand aesthetics and marketing

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