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E-commerce enterprise crisis strikes: Carton prices soared by 75% and products were forced to raise prices

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core tip: from the end of July, the manufacturing research group learned in the research that the price increase letter of the paper mill has become more and more "diligent". It is reported that nine dragons paper, the largest producer of "carton base paper" in China, began to raise product prices in September, which is the fourth price increase since August. According to insiders, in July last year, the price of base paper was still 3000 yuan/ton, but in September this year, it rose to 5000 yuan/ton for every temperature rise of 30 degrees

[China Packaging News] "we understand your anger very much. Please believe that we have also come from 'surprise', 'anger', 'helplessness' to' acceptance '. According to the 2017 environmental protection policy formulated by the state, there is still a lot of room for the rise of base paper this year." A carton manufacturer said in its price increase letter

this has indeed become the biggest headache for e-commerce enterprises. A large e-commerce manager calculated that the cost increased by 75%, and the cost of a library increased by millions every day. And there are few alternatives to choose from

e-commerce enterprises: the price of cartons rose by more than 70%, and the delivery time was extended

this wave of price rises began two months ago, but the price rose sharply in the off-season

since the end of July, the letter of price increase of paper mills has become more and more "diligent". It is reported that nine dragons paper, the largest producer of "carton base paper" in China, began to raise product prices in September, which is the fourth price increase since August. According to insiders, the price of base paper was still 3000 yuan/ton in July last year, but rose to 5000 yuan/ton in September this year

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the market price of corrugated paper in the important means of production in the circulation field has experienced a "roller coaster" change this year. In June, the price of corrugated paper continued its rise last year, maintaining a high price of more than 4000 yuan/ton. Then it fell sharply. From April 1 to 10, the price was only 2795 yuan/ton. However, in August, the paper price returned to a high of more than 4000 yuan/ton. The latest data shows that from September 1 to 10, the price of corrugated paper reached 4748.3 yuan/ton, the peak since 2017

the sales manager of a paper mill in Guangdong told the Beijing news that the continuous rise in paper prices had a serious impact on downstream enterprises

and "crazy cartons" began to perform

insiders of Yidian said that "cartons have risen sharply since the year ago. Most of them have increased by 70%, and some have even increased by 80%

"at first, it rose slowly, and then it was almost one price a day." It is reported that the price of cartons has basically doubled compared with that two months ago

it is reported that the specification is 32 × twenty-two × The price of 14 cartons was 1.3 yuan before the price rise, but now it is 2.7 yuan. A carton has increased by 1.4 yuan, more than doubling. Another specification is 39 × thirty-nine × 50 has also risen a lot. It was originally 3.5 yuan, but now it has risen to 6.3 yuan, and a carton has risen by 2.8 yuan

not only is the price rising, some e-commerce companies are facing shortage of cartons. Combing the announcement, we found that "the small factories we cooperate with basically shut down," the manager of an e-commerce company in Beijing told the Beijing News, "the reasons for the shutdown are the same, all because of environmental protection."

not only that, the delivery time has also been extended. The above e-commerce company manager said that both paper mills and carton factories have been affected by environmental protection. "Now we can only find a larger factory with environmental protection equipment". In the past, we placed an order today and delivered it tomorrow. Now we have to wait a week to deliver it

in this wave of paper price rise, many people point to environmental protection. A voice in the industry believes that "if it were not for the closure or shutdown of a number of small and medium-sized paper mills without environmental assessment procedures or non-compliance for rectification, this price increase would not be able to play a role. Many small paper mills closed, and the lists were concentrated in large paper mills, and they would raise prices if they could not produce." In the mouth of paper industry practitioners, all kinds of environmental protection law enforcement and policies are collectively referred to as "environmental protection"

a paper industry practitioner, there are not a few small and medium-sized paper mills struggling on the life line. He pointed out that environmental protection equipment with a price of millions is a heavy burden for small and medium-sized paper mills, but if they do not buy equipment, they will face high fines. "This has also led to many factories stopping work during the day and starting work at night to avoid supervision in order to retain a fixed source of customers."

big e-commerce: one library increases the cost by millions every day.

"crazy cartons" are causing the "Butterfly Effect" of the entire industrial chain. According to the national postal statistics, the business volume of China's express delivery industry exceeded 30billion in 2016; Several other reports said that e-commerce has restored the swing lever to the middle position, and the market uses about 9.922 billion corrugated boxes a year. From this calculation, if a carton rises by 1 yuan, it will have an impact of 10 billion

"from last year to now, this is my biggest headache," a manager of a large e-commerce told the Beijing news that e-commerce enterprises are the first to be affected by the rise in packaging paper prices. He revealed that since the beginning of the year, the cost of cartons has increased by about 75%. For us, the original cost of packaging cartons accounted for about 10% of the total logistics cost, while with the rise of carton costs, this proportion rose to 15%

"calculated, the average price of a carton is more than 1 yuan," said the above manager. Based on the millions of shipments in a warehouse (every day), the increased cost can be imagined

this means that one library per day may increase the cost by millions

as for the alternative plan, he said that his company is trying to use the original packaging when purchasing goods, and use different models of transit boxes to replace disposable cartons. The so-called transit box means that after the consumer takes out the goods, the transit box is taken back by the courier. "But in operation, the effect can't be said to be ideal," he said. Most consumers can't accept this solution, not to mention the solution of recycling transit boxes instead of disposable cartons, which brings great inconvenience to consumers and couriers, and its operability is not strong

small e-commerce companies were warned that "cartons were out of stock", and products were forced to raise prices

in addition to large e-commerce companies, small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises were even more affected by the soaring paper prices

"we are running out of cartons. If we can't arrive before the double 11, our sales will definitely be affected." An olive oil e-commerce manager said that the carton supplier has warned that the raw materials are insufficient, the supply may be out of stock, and the carton price will also rise, and there is a lot of room for rise

"we are ready to run out of cartons," he pointed out that once there is a shortage, we will give priority to selling products with higher gross profit. In order to ensure the supply of cartons, we have communicated with many carton factories, but the price is still a headache. "We expect 21 thousand tons, but now the quotation is 45 thousand tons, which is far beyond our psychological price. But there is no way. The supply of cartons directly affects the delivery and sales."

the rise in costs will undoubtedly be passed on to consumers. The above manager said that due to the rise in comprehensive costs, the price of our products has increased twice since September

the person in charge of the e-commerce business of a tea industry said that although the fine packaging of tea commodities will be affected by the rise in paper prices, due to the large total order volume of enterprises, there will be no shortage of cartons, and the packaging cost accounts for less than 3% of the total cost, which will be absorbed by enterprises

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