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Dytech selects DSM ecopaxx materials for Ferrari and Maserati oil gas separators

as a global leader in life science and materials science, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands announced that dytech power fluid technology confirmed the selection of high-performance ecopaxx ® Bio Based Polyamide 410 series products are used in the special oil-gas separator for Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. This application field has high requirements for the perfect combination of flame retardancy and chemical resistance. Therefore, this solution featuring halogen-free flame retardant ecopaxx q-kgs6 will help improve the fire resistance of vehicles

dytech selects DSM ecopaxx material for Ferrari and Maserati oil gas separator

oil gas separator is an important part of the whole fuel supply system of road vehicles. It separates the steam in the fuel tank from the liquid fuel and prevents the liquid fuel from entering or polluting the fuel vapor recovery tank. In this way, the fuel tank can maintain appropriate pressure while avoiding volatile smoke from entering the atmosphere

although the fuel pipeline itself has a co extruded outer sheath made of flame-retardant thermoplastic, the most commonly used raw material for the production of oil-gas separators is still non flame retardant PA. Located near Turin, Italy, dytech power fluid technology Co., Ltd. (now part of Donghai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.) specializes in developing and supplying fuel supply components and systems for many leading global automobile manufacturers. Dytech has chosen innovative halogen-free flame retardant ecopaxx materials to meet the increasing demand for fire safety and other demanding applications

ecopaxx has high gasoline resistance and impermeability to traditional gasoline (E10) and E85 ethanol gasoline with better environmental performance. In shed (determination of fuel evaporative emissions from sealed housing) test, ecopaxx oil-gas separator showed low E10 permeability --0.002 g/day. The flame retardant grade of ecopaxx q-kgs6 with a thickness of 0.7 mm is UL 94 V-0

the maximum continuous service temperature of ecopaxx is 175 ° C, which fully reflects its excellent thermal stability. In addition, this engineering plastic also has good dimensional stability (this has been confirmed by short-term aging tests at 100 ° C). In the low-temperature impact test at -30 ° C, ecopaxx performs better than the existing materials on the market. In addition to thermal aging and fuel aging tests, ecopaxx also passed the tube extraction drive precision hydraulic cylinder, impact resistance and fatigue resistance tests

in addition to its unique material properties, ecopaxx also has another significant advantage - 70% of the raw materials of polyamide 410 materials come from renewable resources. In addition, in the whole life cycle of this product "from cradle to grave", all greenhouse gas emissions can be carbon neutral

"we are deeply impressed by the excellent performance of the new ecopaxx oil-gas separator." Mario zasa, dytech's R & D director, said. "In the field of road vehicles, our customers are specialized in producing a variety of high-end cars. Therefore, they expect suppliers to provide high-quality solutions. Close cooperation with DSM is the key to our success in meeting customer needs again."

DSM engineering plastics are widely used in various components of automotive and non automotive fuel systems. For example, q-hg6, another grade of ecopaxx material, has successfully passed the test in the quick coupling of automotive fuel pipeline; Special grade akulon based on PA6 for injection and blow molding applications ® Fuel barrier can provide excellent impermeability in products such as CNG (compressed natural gas) storage tanks, without the use of any additives or post-processing. DSM's core advantages in the field of polymer plastics and chemistry help the company develop a variety of materials that meet the requirements of automotive and other industry partners for special performance materials - for example, the high flame retardancy and high barrier required by the above case, or the important mechanical, chemical and electrical properties required by other fields. This latest application field once again confirms DSM's expertise in using "colorful technology" to create "beauty mainly by referring to German VDA standards: for example, odor ≤ Level 3 good life"

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in 112, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands was based on scientific and technological lead screws and filature as performance parts, and was active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials all over the world. DSM has expertise in life science and material science, and uses the unique combination of the two to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress, and create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM serves the end markets of food and health products, personal care, feed, medical equipment, automobiles, coatings and paints, electronic and electrical, life protection, alternative energy and bio based materials, and creates sustainable solutions worldwide to promote nutrition, strengthen and ensure product efficacy and improve product performance. DSM's 24500 employees worldwide have created an annual sales volume of about 10billion euros for the company. The company has been listed on NYSE Euronext. For more information, please visit

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