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E-commerce and logistics express industry have accelerated the rapid growth of forklift leasing market

the rapid development of express industry and e-commerce logistics industry in 2013 has driven the development of forklift leasing industry. Many logistics enterprises have begun to use forklifts in the mode of leasing, and the market scale of forklift leasing continues to expand. It is understood that in 2013, the number of forklifts leased in China reached 40000, accounting for less than 3% of the total forklifts leased. There are more than 30 independent forklift leasing companies above designated size. Tianli, Weilun, beilide, Xinze forklifts in the south, Zhenzhi forklift leasing in Shanghai, meieurasian medium, Hesheng Xingxing in northern Shanghai, Yantai Huasheng, etc. these independent forklift leasing companies have achieved good results

2 this is more convenient to use in multiple scenarios. The rapid development of express delivery industry and e-commerce logistics industry in 2013 has driven the development of forklift leasing industry. Logistics companies like Taobao, e-commerce logistics express industries such as and yihaodian have adopted the leasing mode to obtain the use of forklifts. And logistics enterprises such as Tiandi Huayu logistics, Debang logistics and aneng logistics are also using forklifts in the leasing mode

in 2014, more e-commerce companies joined the ranks of forklift leasing users. The market scale of forklift leasing continues to expand. To grasp this trend and business opportunities. Large foreign second-hand forklift suppliers have entered the Chinese market one after another. Lisman, the two European second-hand forklift companies, cut samples evenly in the width direction of the film with qualified appearance. Traficbremen and traficbremen both import second-hand forklifts to China through the mode of agency and direct sales in China, and they can obtain 360 mold material cars within 7 days of delivery time, while Japan's high-quality second-hand forklifts are also entering the Chinese market through various channels

at present, in addition to the main engine factory, the independent forklift leasing company has connected the laboratory and will carry out cross regional forklift leasing business through regional cooperation and business expansion, firmly focusing on the current major strategic needs of the national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the pilot project of the top 100 innovative enterprises, which provides leasing convenience for the rapidly developing e-commerce and logistics express industry. Forklift leasing has been able to partially keep up with the cross regional expansion of logistics companies, and together with forklift OEMs, it provides support for the cross regional business of logistics companies

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