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With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, the importance of charging infrastructure has been unprecedentedly improved and improved. 4. The basis for the decline of profitability of China's paper industry. Many things have their reasons. The construction of facilities is of great significance to the development layout of the whole industry

it is the common aspiration of charging facility operators to help operators better manage charging stations, quickly integrate them into the government regulatory system, realize interconnection, improve operational efficiency, quickly help operators build service systems, solve operational problems, and seek an intelligent platform to solve problems for enterprises

help the operation of charging facilities, and comprehensively upgrade the enterprise cloud platform

recently, Zhongchuang technology e-charge completed the system upgrade of version 3.1 of its product "charging facilities operation management enterprise cloud platform", which will bring a new operation experience to the charging facilities operation enterprises with more perfect functions, more stable systems, and more accurate customization capabilities

Enterprise cloud platform is a product developed and completed by Zhongchuang technology e-charge at the beginning of 2016. In addition to providing information-based product tools for operating enterprises, the core purpose is to provide customers with information-based operation solutions and standardized operation business systems. Let new operating enterprises free from complex manual operations, carry out daily operations quickly and efficiently through instrumented products, and be able to quickly judge and find solutions when encountering operational problems. In addition, it will consider how to use idle time to create fragmented time consumption scenarios around stations, provide services and solutions that meet the characteristics of different formats and rigid needs, and help operating enterprises seek more revenue channels

at present, the e-charging enterprise cloud platform of Zhongchuang technology has served more than 30 cities and more than 100 enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Fujian, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, with a total of more than 5000 charging piles

the upgraded version is deeply strengthened, and the three strong and one multi are comprehensively improved.

This version 3.1 upgrade is a comprehensive improvement based on the service capacity of the station operation end! Compared with the previous version of the enterprise cloud platform, the new version has deeply improved the four core functions of "strong collection, strong openness, strong operation and multiple scenarios"

it supports a series of standards for the interconnection of electric vehicle charging facilities and a variety of other standard protocols and specifications, and has realized the interconnection with more than 30 mainstream pile enterprises across the country. The data collection includes 99 multidimensional categories such as alarm, fault, status and real-time data, which can quickly establish a linkage operation mechanism between operators and pile enterprises to achieve efficient operation

it can quickly access local government platforms, be included in government supervision, and provide relevant services for operators to apply for various subsidies; It also breaks through the technical and market barriers of materials and devices, and can quickly access third-party platforms such as parking lots, car hailing, time-sharing leasing, etc

provide operators with one-stop charging facility operation management, and timely carry out equipment fault alarm and equipment disconnection monitoring through hardware monitoring of charging facilities

establish a linkage operation and maintenance mechanism between operators and pile enterprises to achieve an efficient cycle of operation and maintenance work. The fault information of charging facilities can be quickly synchronized with the operators and pile enterprises, so as to ensure the rapid response to fault handling, and monitor the operating stations in real time. You can know the order information, the start and stop of piles, the charging user information and other contents at any time, and conduct multi-dimensional monitoring of the real-time dynamics of the stations

strict identification and access management mechanism, three-layer encryption of key business data, system operation log and behavior audit analysis, and build a remote disaster recovery mechanism for scheduled data. Adopt multiple measures such as intrusion detection, network virus protection, communication encryption, automatic monitoring and analysis, security event prediction, mobile end product decompilation and security reinforcement to provide real-time system security protection

the enterprise cloud platform provides operation management services in line with industry characteristics for business scenarios of different industries and operations, such as public transportation, logistics, buses, time-sharing leasing, parking lots, residential areas, and internal units

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