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Gambling on social vertical e-commerce after e-commerce capital slimming down (III)

shopping is also the field of social shopping guide. Because Taobao, which has a very rich variety and quantity of goods, has become an increasingly difficult place for consumers to choose. Shopping is to solve this problem. Its founder Bai Ya (Weibo) once served as the chief product designer of Alipay, and Qian Zhilong, the general manager of the user business department of Alipay, started the business with him

Zhang Lianglun of mizhen is also from Alibaba. Before becoming the CEO of mizhen, he used to be the head of Alibaba Wangpu product line. Although Wang Ke, CEO of pocket shopping, was not born in Alibaba department, he said that the entrepreneurial team was composed of a group of engineers and product designers from Baidu, Tencent, Taobao and Sina Weibo, which also had elements of Alibaba department

venture capital pair photoelectric displacement sensors are often used to continuously measure wire diameter or as edge position sensors in the strip edge position control system.

this issue's champion

Ji Yuan capital partner Fu Jixun vs Jinshajiang venture capital partner Zhu Xiaohu

investigate whether the business is normal; Smooth parts of all kinds of equipment. Can social e-commerce grow?


Fu Jixun: once the social e-commerce represented by Meili theory starts to work, it can be imagined that in the future, it will not only bring traffic online, but also bring traffic offline. It can be done as o2o

this will play a positive role in the future development and improvement of blow molding machines

the opposite side:

Zhu Xiaohu: the most fatal problem of social e-commerce represented by beauty theory and mushroom street is that it is not divided into fashion masters. The role of fashion masters is like editing, and passion alone can't work long

can other industries have their own beauty?


Fu Jixun: other fields may have their own beauty. Around food, food, home decoration, home furnishing, etc., they are all good fields


Zhu Xiaohu: I think it's less likely. In fact, mushroom Street itself is not a good business model

comment on the risks of food e-commerce


ZHU Xiaohu: entrepreneurs should consider three points in doing food e-commerce, one is that the market is large enough, the other is SMM news: it's really too busy, the customer unit price is high, and the third is that the gross profit is high


Fu Jixun: Food e-commerce needs a lot of capital support. In addition, the whole supply chain, including food safety and timeliness, is a challenge

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