A brief analysis of the domestic plastic industry

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A brief analysis of the domestic plastic industry in 2009 it is reported that the annual total industrial output value of China's plastic industry has reached 10000 yuan, accounting for 9.85%, accounting for 8.15% of the national total industrial output value, and more than 80000 Enterprises above Designated Size, 2.29 million tons. The plastic industry plays a very important role in the national economy. The report research shows that in the first half of 2009, under the condition of national policy adjustment, the plastic industry made efforts to overcome the serious impact of deep development since the financial crisis. It should be said that the current production and sales, the most depressed period has passed. It is shown in several aspects:

the first is that the production has maintained a steady growth. In January, the total total industrial output value of the plastic industry was 38.14 million tons, up 31.5% year-on-year, and the output value has maintained a steady growth trend. In the monthly situation, the total total output reached more than 300000 tons. Other months showed a good trend compared with the same period of the same period of the year, Secretary General Zheng Long introduced

the second is that the production and marketing rate increased significantly, reaching 79.2%. It gradually rebounded in March, reaching 97.5%, and it was still 97.5% in May

the third is that the import and export trade shows signs of recovery. In June, the total value of import and export trade reached 11.11 billion, and the form of foreign trade in the plastic industry is still in the doldrums. However, from the month on month data, the import and export trade in the plastic industry began to rebound in March, with a month on month increase of 30.57%. Although it was not affected by the holiday in May, it has taken a V-shaped trend, showing preliminary signs of recovery

the fourth is that the benefit level of the industry has been greatly improved. The revenue of the main business increased by 6.31% year-on-year, the profit and tax was more than 1 billion yuan, and the profit was more than 40 billion yuan. The tensile testing machine for flocculent fiber products provided by Jinan Shijin mainly had digital display models and computer-controlled models, reversing the negative growth trend of the industry profit in the first quarter and increasing by 0.5 percentage points. The research report shows that the implementation of the favorable policies on Light Industry issued by the state in 2009 has played a role in boosting confidence. The policy of canceling some restrictions on processing trade has played a major role in promoting the development of the plastic industry

through analysis and research, it is believed that due to the influence of Western European price factors, costs and prices will rise. In addition, the monthly investment has increased from a low level in 2008 to a high level of about 11.1 billion. Such investment will play a vital role in promoting the development of the plastic industry. However, as the international economic situation is still grim, there will be no sharp rise in production and prices in the first half of 2008. The report believes that with the stability of the oscillation trend, there will be a stable upward increase. Related industries should pay close attention to seize the development period of economic recovery, and establish relevant plastic enterprises to enter relevant markets to avoid unnecessary losses to enterprises caused by fluctuations in uncertain factors. It is believed that with the joint efforts of plastic and related industries, the plastic industry is expected to achieve a 10% growth in the second half of the year, making a greater contribution to the uneven installation of some national dynamometers

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