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E-book PK paper book: both a trend and a problem announced its entry into e-books, which will be shared with publishers in the proportion of 46 or 37; Dangdang, the largest Chinese bookstore, also announced that it would expand its e-book varieties to 100000; Douban, the holy land of scholars, launched a self publishing plan, and Taobao, an e-commerce giant, helped launch Taohua; Tang Cha, a cutting-edge enterprise, only makes e-books on Apple platform, which also broke into our newspaper's top ten apps of the year last year; In addition, Shanda literature and Chinese, which have been working in this field for a long time, have made several rounds of listed statements. It seems that the spring of e-books is really coming. Is it time to throw away the heavy paper books and turn to electronic reading? Wait a minute and take a look at the three questions and answers we have prepared for readers

question 1 will E-books Replace Paper books

no matter how emotionally unwilling to accept the 14.4% MoM decline, this trend seems inevitable

the replacement of paper books by e-books is carried out from the printing, distribution and sales links with high substitutability, but not from the writing and links that are less affected by machines. E-books are also needed. From this point of view, the publishing industry itself has no strong intention to resist e-books

most people who oppose this view start from the irreplaceable reading experience of paper books. But no matter how solid the experience is, it is closely related to the individual. Look at the next generation around them. In addition to textbooks, how much time do they have to spend with paper books? Moreover, in their next generation, even textbooks may have been occupied by ambitious Amazon or apple

question 2 is it time to turn to e-books

this question may be easy to answer in the United States. After all, they have Amazon. In China, it's hard to get such an answer. Although we have described the bustling scene of the e-book industry, take a closer look. At present, these enterprises that mainly promote e-books have more or less some key problems that have not been overcome

Dangdang and, which mainly sell physical books, are hardly satisfactory in launching e-books, even if they do not question their motivation and only look at the effect. On the day when the e-book channel was launched, a friend wrote a blog and listed all kinds of violations of humanity in his reading experience without hesitation; JD claims to launch reading terminals on mobile platforms and PC terminals at the same time, but its PDF version of E-books has not even the most basic font settings inside. Their e-book plan still seems to be in a bit of a hurry

Shanda literature and Chinese, which have been deeply cultivated in this field for a long time, have achieved significant sales revenue and channel construction results. They are more dependent on mobile operators in the e-book sales channel, and pay great attention to online novels and popular novels in the sales category. In terms of the coverage index of the whole category of reading, these two e-book merchants can only meet some readers with a large population but narrow fields

as for Amazon, the pioneer and giant in this field, when talking about when to introduce their ace e-book Kindle into China, the constant reply is always that we have been working hard

what is more severe is that the great development of the E-book Industry ultimately depends on the development of the publishing industry. In the final analysis, it is a form change of icing on the cake, but it is not the industry savior in the snow. At present, China's publishing industry, which is heavily regulated, lacks originality, and is forced to be divorced from reality, does not have enough momentum to promote or cooperate with the wave of electronic books. The industrial environment in severe winter is not enough to support the spring flower of e-books

question 3. How can I read e-books now

in terms of reading experience, e-books using e-ink technology are the closest to paper reading and the most beneficial reading method for eye health. The powerful Kindle is the first choice for this kind of reading. Although Amazon e-bookstore has not yet entered China, there are a large number of American kindles on Taobao that are close to the original price. The numerous plug-ins of the Kindle enable it not only to read the existing e-books, but also to save the pages and read them, and send the content to be read by email, making the Kindle more and more close to the mobile reading terminal similar to iPad, rather than just reading electronic publications

Shanda's bambook has built a complete industrial chain from content purchase, distribution to reading in China, which is very suitable for groups who follow up popular novels. However, due to the positioning of Shanda literature itself in the characteristics of popular literature, the reading of some serious books may require readers to find resources by themselves

in addition to the e-ink platform, the advantage of many reading apps on iPad, iPhone and Android is that most of them have a well-established e-library. As long as books have electronic versions, they can generally be found in the library, which is unmatched in convenience. The first disadvantage of this method is that long-term reading is harmful to the eyes, and a large number of books are in the gray area without authorization, which may also bring potential harm to the industry

point of view: we should stick to reading

at this time, we should change the jaws

many people often forget their original purpose of reading when they are struggling to read e-books or paper books now: to increase knowledge and life experience through reading

after all, the main meaning of books is that experimental results can be kept and carried by themselves. As a medium, its own material has been transformed several times, from silk, bamboo slips, papyrus papyrus, sheepskin, all the way to today's paper. Driven by the progress of material science and economic rationality, the publishing industry continues to look for a more convenient medium to carry and spread after testing

no matter what the carrier is, reading is the basic action for human beings to enhance their own accumulation and improve their literacy. Some e-book fans have downloaded thousands of books and talked with them happily, but they have hardly finished reading a book completely and thoroughly; After seeing the price of paper books, some people fantasize about downloading e-books after they come out, but they delay reading and learning, and pay a greater price in their future work and study. No matter what the medium is, reading itself is a lifestyle with low input and considerable output. Instead of spending energy on tangled media, it is better to bury yourself in reading a few good books

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