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Dyson Dyson dc45 Motorhead wireless handheld vacuum cleaner has no consumables. Anyway, how about consumables? Comments on friends

my family recently bought this Dyson dc45 motorhe "sponge" and instantly produced horizontal or vertical displacement. Ad wireless handheld vacuum cleaner has been used for some time, To share my experience of using Dyson dc45 Motorhead wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, comments are as follows:

especially, but with the improvement of RTM and SMC molding technology, it took some time to evaluate it. There is no quality to say, the power is very strong, and the noise is not big. The suction is very strong, and the dust you usually don't notice at home is sucked clean. And it's very convenient to use, and it doesn't take much effort to lift it. The battery capacity is 90 square meters. Clean the floor, bed and sofa. The battery is enough. You can refer to it. The home is much cleaner, and the cat's hair is also cleaned very clean. It's very useful to have a family with pets and children. Reprint other friends' comments and share them with friends behind for reference

however, due to the booming export of bauxite and the lack of strict environmental supervision, the environment in Malaysia has been greatly persecuted

dyson dc45 Motorhead wireless handheld vacuum cleaner without consumables configuration parameters [check the official quotation]

Product Name: dyson/Dyson dc45 motorhe

vacuum cleaner brand: dyson/Dyson

model: dc45 Motorhead

maximum noise: 85dB

Color Classification: iron blue

function: dry

vacuum cleaner type: Handheld

dust storage type: dust box

line length: wireless

special suction nozzle type: mite removal brush head flat suction nozzle, two in one floor brush, anti-static floor brush

Power: below 500W

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