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Lost the e-book price manipulation case, apple refused to submit an appeal

Apple suffered a disastrous defeat in the digital book monopoly lawsuit, and the court asked apple to revise the sales agreement signed with the publisher. On October 3, apple filed an appeal in a circuit court of Appeals in New York

in July 2013, the U.S. Court ruled that apple and five major publishers conspired to manipulate the price of digital books, which increased the cost of buying books for consumers. Later, the U.S. Court further required apple to revise the digital book agreement signed with publishers. In addition, the contents of the new agreement must be submitted to the antitrust supervisor designated by the court for review

in addition to apple, Simon Schuster, one of the five defendant publishers, also filed an appeal. The defendants of other publishers in this case have reached a settlement agreement with the prosecution before the trial

in the sales of digital books in the United States, Amazon implements a wholesale system, that is, it sets retail prices freely after wholesale from publishing companies, and the prices are relatively cheap. Apple implements the agency system, and publishers have full pricing power for digital books. Apple extracts some of them and mixes them for 3 minutes, then packs them for 3 cents to reserve sales revenue, which leads to the retail price of Apple's digital books being significantly higher than that of Amazon

error elimination method of pressure testing machine:

Apple has always argued that another major advantage is the previous agreement with publishers, which brings more competition to the digital book retail market dominated by Amazon, rather than suppressing competition

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