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Dynamic warehousing ensures the smooth turnover of the beverage center

"larger storage space, management storage design, especially the first in first out principle (FIFO) determine the use of Interroll dynamic warehousing technology in our warehouse." Said Ludger Vogt, edeka logistics center in southwest Germany

the challenge faced by any logistics Consolidation Measure in the world is the same: how to obtain the best comprehensive output in the way of "time", "cost" and "reducing errors" without neglecting raw materials and safety. Kempf chose to adopt a variety of storage strategies to establish a new beverage logistics center in southern Germany. Based on saving time, Interroll dynamic warehousing technology ensures the smooth turnover of FMCG in the beverage logistics center of balingen

dynamic warehousing technology is adopted for 8000 pallets of 14500 pallets in the beverage logistics center of balingen. There are many reasons for this. One particular reason is that the high proportion of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) is closely related to the total revenue. Although FMCGs represent only 160 of the total 1500 products, their revenue is as high as 80% of the total revenue. Therefore, it is very inevitable for the system leader to choose Interroll dynamic warehousing technology again. As Pete, executive director of rema Tec, such as spring steel, said, "because logistics storage can greatly simplify the detection process of the effective date of goods and the control process of the total amount of goods, it can bring rapid return on investment to users and provide users with very high added value. The continuous supply of goods for purchase orders is also due to effective workflow."

in the beverage logistics center of balingen City, there are two ways to store FMCG, the first of which is the push back conveying system, which is designed according to the principle of last in first out (LIFO). This system ensures that more different projects can be operated in a more efficient and space-saving way. I hope the goods can help you! After being sent to the warehouse, the picking channel will reconfigure the parameters such as yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non proportional strength and elastic modulus of detectable materials for a large number of goods. Order picking is carried out with 65% pallet picking and 35% container picking. The picking rate is as high as 300 copies per person per hour, and the error rate is controlled below 0.5%, which all depends on the consideration of any nuances by Interroll dynamic warehousing technology

both the order picking system and another managed inventory system are controlled by Interroll dynamic warehousing technology, and the first in first out (FIFO) principle is strictly implemented. By strictly distinguishing between the goods supply slide and the order distribution slide, we can ensure the simple control and organization of perishable goods and the continuous improvement of productivity, which can bring significant benefits. At the same time, it also means minimizing errors and saving time, which have brought huge savings in production costs

safe pallet handling has started at the feeding point of any dynamic warehousing system. The entrance manager concentrates many European pallets on the conveyor shaft. The speed controller ensures that the pallet (200 ~ 1000kg) under the action of gravity can smoothly pass through 27 pallet deep channels. The special safety separator ensures the smooth operation of the unloading end of the pallet, so that the forklift driver can unload safely. After the goods are unloaded, they are then transported by manually controlled cables with improved fire resistance, ensuring that the order distribution is carried out under zero voltage

the associated empty sorting plant in the beverage logistics center of balingen has a daily production capacity of 120000 boxes, a 340m long transmission line, and 230 inclined rollers provided by Interroll convey unsalable consumer goods. Other dynamic conveying modules are first used in the empty box sorting area, and then for sorting goods with special distribution needs. The empty pallet slides smoothly from the Interroll two wheel conveying module (pallet staggered wheel conveying solution) to the unloaded end of the forklift. (end)

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