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The e-book market may heat up again, and digital reading still needs content to be king

with the increasing demand of readers for digital reading, the e-book market will heat up again. A few days ago, the survey results released by the PA (Publishers Association) Association showed that due to the continuous increase in the demand for digital goods such as Kindle and iPad, e-book sales increased by 366% in 2011. Just because of the popularity of e-books, Microsoft and Barnes noble recently jointly announced that they will launch an e-book using Windows 8 system. The release of Microsoft e-book will open a new situation for Microsoft, Google, Amazon and apple

although e-reading has brought an unprecedented reading experience with its characteristics of quickness, convenience and large amount of information, changing the traditional reading habits of the public, e-books still face many challenges in the future, and they still need to be continuously improved and strengthened in terms of content and user experience

the e-book industry is developing at a high speed

in recent years, with the popularity of intelligent terminals and the development of mobile Internet in China, reading E-books has become a leisure way for many people. E-books are widely favored because they do not need paper or space. It can not only change the font size according to light and vision, but also use different fonts according to people

e-books, as a new way of reading, are imperceptibly changing the reading habits of the public. Now there is no need to worry about holding heavy books. You can read books by simply pressing your thumb on the bed. E-books effectively fill the fragmented time of the public and improve the quality of life

in terms of the advantages of taking paper books, e-books have made a lot of progress in the clarity and comfort of reading. On the subway and waiting for the train, more and more people are used to reading everything they want to see through the screen. More and more electronic equipment manufacturers have joined the ranks of producing and developing e-readers. Publishers have to transfer more content that previously appeared only on paper to the screen, thus driving the good development momentum of the e-book industry

according to statistics, e-book sales increased by 366% in 2011. In 2011, the global e-paper output value reached an innovative scale of 1.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 68% compared with 2010. The latest report released by Norda consulting predicts that the scale of e-books and digital journals will reach 7.75 billion yuan by 2012

Liu Yingjian, chairman of Hanwang Technology, believes that with the gradual improvement of the domestic digital publishing industry chain, when readers' digital reading demand is increasing, the e-book market will rise again, and finally form a stable, sustainable and growing industry

e-books bring a new reading experience

electronic reading can be marked and shared, which changes the previous closed and independent reading mode of paper books. With its characteristics of quickness, convenience and large amount of information, it has gradually become an important way of modern reading. Electronic reading has brought an unprecedented reading experience, and its advantages over paper reading are obvious

first of all, through online purchase, readers can see the latest listed books without leaving home, and no longer have to rush between major bookstores. The cost of electronic reading is much smaller than that of paper reading; Secondly, the collection of E-reading is large, so readers don't have to make a huge space to accommodate books. As long as there is a reader, thousands of books can be collected; Finally, nowadays many e-books have basically solved the problem of portability. A Kindle can hold 3500 books, which is equivalent to carrying a small library with you

e-books have changed the previous reading mode and brought a lot of convenience and benefits to people's lives. Users can read through various terminal reading platforms. More and more users have formed the habit of hand-held reading or mobile reading, and the e-book market continues to expand. Based on this, more investors began to pay attention to the e-book market, one after another invested in the e-book industry due to mechanical wear and tear, and the market competition is also increasingly smoky

after Dangdang announced the launch of the e-book platform last December, another large-scale e-commerce platform entered the e-book industry. Recently, JD mall officially launched the e-book business. On the day when the e-book road of JD mall was officially opened, it had higher activity. Its old rival Dangdang announced that it would rename the e-book platform as a digital library and upgrade it

however, the diners staring at the big cake of e-books are not only JD mall and Dangdang. Recently, Liu Qiang, vice president of Shanda literature, revealed that the company has begun to test the free e-book model. If it goes well, readers can read e-books for free in the future and enjoy a new reading feast

it is also revealed that Amazon Kindle will officially enter China within this year. Before that, there are many competitors in the domestic e-book market, such as Hanwang and Shanda bambooo. The competition between Dangdang and Jingdong Mall has made the cake of the industry bigger and bigger, constantly enriching the domestic e-book market and attracting more e-commerce to take a share. It can be seen that in the next time, the competition in the e-book market will become more and more lively

electronic reading is still the king of content

the popularity of e-books will certainly involve the change of reading methods. With the diversification of reading 4. The damage of components, young people pursue the timeliness of fast reading and receiving information, which is the inevitable trend of people's reading methods in the digital era. In the future, e-books will replace the assertion of Kai Fu Li, chairman and CEO of the paper Book Innovation workshop, which has been repeated more than once in the mouths of various writers, writers and e-book developers

Wu Yading, chairman of Shenzhen Luohu Writers Association, said that the transformation from paper reading to electronic reading is essentially an evolution. The advantages of traditional paper reading can be gradually diluted with the progress of electronic technology. In the future, it will be an irreversible trend for electronic reading to replace paper reading. Although there will be an excessive state of coexistence of two reading modes in a certain period of time, the replacement and updating trend between the two is very clear

although the prosperity of e-books is the general trend, e-books face many challenges. First of all, piracy is serious, which makes users unable to read high-quality works and affects their reading experience. On the other hand, it leads to the reduction of writers' royalties and the exploitation of authors' copyright income; Secondly, the lack of physical supervision of online sales provides an opportunity for some pornographic and vulgar content; Thirdly, in terms of reading habits, e-books are currently limited to young people, and the audience is not wide. Most people still prefer paper reading, and it takes a certain amount of time to change people's habits; Finally, the content of e-books needs to be enriched, and consumers' payment habits need to be cultivated

if e-books in the future are only infinitely close to paper books, it will be difficult to gain a foothold. E-book will no longer be a one-time finalized product, but in the process of continuous evolution. In this regard, industry insiders believe that the development of e-books should finally be the result of the king of content. Businesses should enrich the content services of e-books, truly meet the reading needs of users, and expand and strengthen the content and user experience. Winning the decisive power in content is the winning weapon in the development of e-books. Whoever can cooperate closely with upstream publishers may be able to take the lead

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