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According to statistics, there are 374000 primary and secondary schools in China, 190million primary and secondary school students and 320million students, and the number of textbooks and exercise books consumed by the traditional learning mode in each academic year has reached 36billion. On the other hand, an e-book with a capacity of only 1GB can store 500million words, equivalent to 1000 sets of the romance of the Three Kingdoms. The future is a world of electronic reading. In view of the development speed of Internet, and tablet computers, who dares to say that primary school students will need to carry heavy schoolbags to school in the next decade

on May 13, 2011, Chinese, the leader of digital publishing in China, showed its all media E-Book Package application solutions to the participants at the 7th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo, creating a ubiquitous learning concept

e-book bag has entered the stage of educational practice and whole industry chain cooperation.

as early as 2002, when Chinese undertook the key project of the Tenth Five Year Plan of the Ministry of education, "primary and secondary school digital library", it began to accumulate resource advantages and operating experience in digital reading of primary and secondary school digital non torque library

in the latest released outline of the national medium and long term education reform and development plan, based on the starting point of improving teaching quality and students' interest in learning, it is proposed to promote the modernization of educational content, means and methods. E-book packages are just in line with the development trend of educational informatization such as E-teaching, networked learning and mobile learning

as a breakthrough for the cooperation between the General Administration of publishing and Shanghai to promote the development of digital publishing industry. In 2010, Chinese took the lead in taking a substantive step, participating in the E-Book Package pilot project carried out in Hongkou District, Shanghai, and formally bringing the e-book package project into the stage of educational practice and whole industry chain cooperation

all media E-Book Package application solution to create ubiquitous learning

this ICIF, Chinese launched the all media E-Book Package application solution, based on information technology and mobile terminals, integrated educational content resources, established a comprehensive and multi terminal service mode with Chinese characteristics, and worked together with operators, Download platforms, industry sales manufacturers and other comprehensive, Form the sustainable development industrial chain of E-Book Package application business

Tong Zhilei, chairman and President of Chinese, delivered some information that the key factors for the rapid development of e-book bags will be the construction of network foundation, the enrichment of content resources and the change of new teaching mode without affecting the experimental results. Adhering to the concept of all media publishing, the application solution of Chinese E-Book Package puts forward the development direction of different groups, different media and different services, that is, different development in different terminals, due to its small indentation business, multi terminal service adaptation. For example, in the traditional desktop computer, teachers can prepare lessons, professional teaching and discipline management; In the mobile terminal, students can carry out course learning and customize personalized autonomous learning plans. In the mobile terminal, they can provide mobile learning resources, and can carry out learning management, query and teaching situation monitoring anytime and anywhere, so as to maximize the needs of different people for electronic teaching, and it is also for anyone in Chinese at any time, any place, any 4 How can lubricating oil analysis get the extension of 5A enterprise vision of any digital content

Tong Zhilei said that at present, the Chinese e-book package business has been growing, and the content delivery platform, application service platform and operation management service have been put into construction. In the future, Chinese will actively promote the development of E-Book Package business, make full use of the resource accumulation and operation experience in the construction of Basic Education Digital Library in the past decade, and cooperate with all parties in the industrial chain to build E-Book Package projects, It will contribute to the exploration of new teaching models, the development of teaching resources and the promotion of education and teaching reform in China under the information environment

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