Meiteng wall cloth autumn wisdom heart thoughts

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Autumn is a season for missing. Autumn wind rustled, blowing yellow green leaves, Acacia stopped in the branches. The wild geese on the way landed on the branches for a rest, and then took off again. It also flew with the longing for its hometown. Thoughts are also slowly becoming clear in this season of missing

from the boundless white fog to the final dissipation, the heart is no longer confused. Walk through the autumn scenery of Meiteng wall cloth, and slowly understand the wisdom of autumn and the thoughts of the heart

the misty and looming scenery is so ethereal and unreal, and the trees near are also far away. Who brings gold in the forest? When the wind blows, the leaves fall. Is it missing the warm embrace of the earth? So in order to solve the worry of Acacia, it left the tall branches. It doesn't mean that you can see farther from the high place. Why do the leaves float to the low place? Maybe it is tired of the noise in the high place and wants to return to the calm of the ground. Maybe it's too cold at high places to get more warmth. When the bird perched on the branches, it bid farewell to the fallen leaves

the morning sun shines into the forest, and the fog has gradually dispersed. Not far away, there is a wooden chair, which has just disappeared in the thick fog. It turns out that as long as you walk a few steps further, you can find a place to rest, but it is covered by the fog, so your steps stop. Is our heart like this morning scene? If it is blinded, the door of our heart will be closed and we don't want to open it again

it's already noon, the sun has risen to the high sky, the white fog has completely dissipated, and the eyes are golden, with the unique color of autumn. Rows of trees, one by one, even from a distance, can be seen clearly. Yes, this is the joy after waiting. Yellow leaves fell all over the ground and paved a Golden Avenue. Stepping on the soft thin leaves, I found a squeaky sound. Slowly, I came to a bright place, bright and warm. It turns out that the world is so beautiful when you reopen your heart

walking through the autumn scenery of Meiteng wall cloth, from the early morning with white fog, to the early morning with soft sunshine, and then to the transparent and bright noon, is like walking through a mental path and understanding the wisdom of autumn




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