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4.10 electrical engineering

4.10.1 wiring

the laying of wires should meet the design requirements, and pipes (metal pipes or plastic pipes), sheathed wires and other laying lines can be used. Ordinary insulated wires shall not be laid exposed the piping and wiring shall select appropriate piping according to the design requirements, the connection between pipes shall be tight, the nozzle shall be smooth, and the protective orifice shall be complete; The piping shall be fixed and arranged neatly; The box (box) is set correctly and fixed reliably. The distance between electric pipeline and steam pipe and hot water pipe should be greater than 500mm, and it should be greater than 100mm with other pipelines; The pipelines laid on suspended items shall be fixed and reliable, and the distance from the ceiling surface shall be greater than 50mm sheath wire wiring

when laying the sheath wire, it is strictly prohibited to have defects such as twisting, dead bending, insulation layer damage, sheath fracture and so on; It is strictly prohibited to directly bury in alkaline materials such as plastering layer. The wiring is straight, neat and fixed reliably; There shall be protective pipes at the places passing through beams, walls, floors, etc

4.10.2 installation of lighting fixtures and switch sockets the selection of lighting fixtures should meet the design requirements; The installation of large lamps must be reliably fixed and firmly buried with hooks, embedded parts or special frames; The power line should not be close to the shell of the appliance; The outer frame of the fixed mask of the ceiling lamp shall be close to the ceiling; Heat insulation treatment shall be carried out for the contact between lighting fixtures with large calorific value and combustible materials the switch and socket shall be installed firmly with no gap around; The distance between the switch socket and the ground shall not be less than 200mm, and the height of the switch socket position shall maintain the same horizontal line, without obvious deviation by visual inspection; The panel is clean and free of stains. Sockets installed below 1.5m shall adopt sockets with anti electric shock protection measures; Switches installed in kitchens and toilets shall be switches with waterproof measures for the wiring of single-phase two hole socket, connect the neutral line to the left hole facing the socket and the phase line to the right hole; The grounding (zero) line of single-phase three hole and three-phase four hole sockets is connected directly above; The grounding wire of the socket shall be laid separately and shall not be mixed with the working zero line

4.10.3 wire connection and line protection the model and diameter of wires used shall meet the design requirements; The wire connection is firm, and the joint is not subject to tension; The binding shall be tight without damaging the wire core, and the wire shall be free from twisting, kinking, dead bending, insulation damage and other defects when screws (nuts) are used for connection, the non insulation distance of the conductor shall not be greater than 3mm; When the copper wires are connected by the splicing method, the splicing length shall not be less than 5 turns, and the binding length shall not be less than 10 times the wire diameter when the binding method is used, and solder shall be lined after connection; When wrapping the joint with black tape, the insulation tape should be wrapped inside first branch joints should be processed in junction box, lamp cap box and switch box, and no more than two wires should be swept on each joint; Appropriate allowance shall be reserved in the box appropriate short-circuit protection, overload protection and grounding (zero) protection measures shall be taken for the line





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