3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 kitchens, 1 bathroom decoratio

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The decoration diary recommended today is colorful, but it's not messy at all. The owner of the house has a lot of experience in color matching: “ Before matching, first unify the overall color of the space, and then choose furniture and accessories around the color matching. When matching, use puzzle software to put furniture and accessories together, and you can quickly see the overall effect &rdquo

room type self purchase 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 kitchens, 1 bathroom, 160 square meters

decoration cost 500000 yuan

the decoration duration is 16 months from design to occupancy, and the soft decoration continues

the length of stay is 1 month

▲ there is no main light in the living room. A total of 10 downlights are installed around the room and in the middle of the room, and a light strip is installed in the groove above the TV cabinet. However, the picture P is too far, and you can't see the downlights. Please imagine yourself. Haha ~ I love this dark green armchair, and I specially match it with the big d poster on the wall

▲ there is a gray cabinet door at the top of the TV cabinet, which echoes other gray. There is a table under the TV cabinet, which can place some decorations. The practice is to use wooden tenon board for bottoming, and the surface is pasted with marble

▲ the porch is equipped with an indomitable big cabinet, which has enough storage space. There is no handle on the cabinet door, and a rebound device is installed inside. It looks very simple from the outside. Many cabinets at home are of this design. The ceiling of the porch is a wooden ceiling, which is bottomed with wood panels, and the surface is pasted with log decorative panels

▲ the design of the restaurant makes me admire the designer. I've added a western kitchen, and I can continue to be a baking expert in the future! The total length of the cabinet is 3.35 meters, and the refrigerator, oven and microwave oven are all in this area. I'm an equipment controller, with all kinds of small appliances, haha! Cooking machine, chef machine, coffee machine can be placed here ~




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