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The night emission of "peculiar gas" from CNOOC Huizhou refinery is less than 3 months away from the explosion of CNOOC refining base, which caused the evacuation of local residents. Recently, residents in Daya Bay have "fled" overnight again. The protagonist of the incident is still CNOOC Huizhou refinery

since October 8, the daily economy has seen on the light Australia section of the local Xizi forum in Huizhou that posts about the smell pervading Daya Bay continue to appear. Local residents spontaneously look for the source of the smell, and finally point the finger at CNOOC Huizhou refinery

on September 9 and 10, Daya Bay Environmental Protection Bureau released the preliminary investigation report on each test mode in the west, including the speed selection and acquiescence speed function sub forum and the official station of the Environmental Protection Bureau. The report shows that the source of the odor in Daya Bay area is CNOOC Huizhou refinery. At present, the plant is in shutdown and maintenance status. It is preliminarily judged that the odor is caused by the volatilization of heavy oil into the air during steam purging

local residents are not satisfied with this reply. Some friends pointed out that the odor exists not once or twice but for a long time. If it cannot be solved, it is the best choice to move away from fresh water

"odor incident" began on the 8th

since the evening of the 8th, friends of Huizhou local Xizi forum have been asking where the odor in Daya Bay comes from? At about 8:00 that night, some residents reported to the District Environmental Protection Bureau that the air was filled with a stench

many residents told the daily economy that after inhaling the odorous air, they feel unwell and suffer from dizziness, chest tightness, lung pain, nausea and other symptoms

it is understood that on the evening of the 8th, Daya Bay Residents "fled" their homes and went to other areas of Huizhou for shelter

from the preliminary investigation report on the odor of Aotou and fresh water in the evening of October 8 released by Daya Bay Environmental Protection Bureau at Xizi forum, it can be seen that the source of the odor is the CNOOC Huizhou refinery where the explosion occurred three months ago. At that time, local residents in Daya Bay had the experience of evacuating their homes overnight

according to the report, CNOOC conducted agent change maintenance for the unit from October 4 to November 8, and preliminarily judged that the odor mainly came from the oil and gas generated by a small amount of residual materials passing through the vent valve steam tower after the unit shutdown, maintenance and purging of CNOOC refinery. On that night, the wind speed was static and breezy, and the pollutants were not easy to diffuse. The odor could be smelled in the downwind areas of Aotou and Danshui during this period

according to the staff of the monitoring station of Daya Bay Environmental Protection Bureau, as of yesterday (October 10), a faint odor could still be smelled

"technical specification CECS 146: 2003 for strengthening concrete structures with carbon fiber sheets in odor incidents" is still under investigation

the staff of Daya Bay production scheduling Office of CNOOC Huizhou refinery told the daily economy that CNOOC's standards are at a high level in China, and air emissions are strictly implemented in accordance with the standards

when asked whether the odor would harm the body, the staff member expressed Sony's relevant achievements (speech No.: 2f17) at the "56th battery seminar in Japan" opened on November 11, 2015, and explained that so many employees are in the factory, and it is impossible to emit toxic gases for their own health. However, the person recently admitted that there had been a high concentration of odor gas, which was due to the volatilization of residual materials during the purging process

for the "odor incident", the relevant person in charge of the Publicity Office of Daya Bay Environmental Protection Bureau said, "the Environmental Protection Bureau has released two documents on Xizi forum and the official website of the Environmental Protection Bureau, and the latest investigation has not been released yet."

it is learned from Daya Bay environmental monitoring station that relevant leaders and staff went to CNOOC refinery twice yesterday for field investigation and sampling, but the specific analysis report has not yet been released

it is understood that CNOOC, which may cause air pollution, should report to the relevant environmental departments in advance. However, when we learned about the situation from Daya Bay Environmental Protection Bureau, we only got an ambiguous answer, "the shutdown and overhaul of CNOOC Huizhou refinery is its annual plan."

local residents are deeply dissatisfied with CNOOC's practice of not informing in advance and finding reasons afterwards. A resident said, "major overhaul should be announced in the media oneortwo days in advance, and some possible phenomena should be informed."

"fleeing" Daya Bay in the early morning of July 11, 3 months ago, the mechanical seal of the bottom pump of the reforming oil tower of unit 400 of the third operation Department of CNOOC Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. located in Daya Bay petrochemical zone, Huizhou, leaked and caught fire. Local residents "fled" Daya Bay overnight, and the avenue in the petrochemical area was blocked

in this "odor incident", there was no large-scale "escape" of residents, and only some residents evacuated their homes in Daya Bay for the sake of physical safety. However, some residents told the daily economy that they need to reconsider their place of residence

according to the data, Daya Bay is close to the South China Sea and borders on Shenzhen. With a gold coastline of 52 kilometers and clear water, it is known as "little Guilin on the sea". Its fisherman's style tour is one of the seven ecological tours in Guangdong Province

compared with the high house prices of tens of thousands of yuan in Shenzhen, the low-cost houses of thousands of yuan in Daya Bay area have also become a major real estate choice for Shenzhen people

however, local residents are less and less confident about the air quality in Daya Bay

local residents have other opinions on "odor incidents". Some residents said that "such odors occur from time to time, not once or twice. According to the farmers around the petrochemical area, the high chimneys in the petrochemical area often emit white smoke late at night, which is particularly pungent; on Saturday and Sunday, the 'mushroom clouds' covering the petrochemical area one after another can not disperse for a long time."

according to the air quality of Huizhou Environmental Protection Bureau, the air quality pollution index of Daya Bay area was about 30 on October 4 and 5, and the quality reached the excellent level. As of October 10, the pollution index gradually rose to 81, much higher than other areas in Huizhou. The average pollution index of Huizhou urban area was 65 in the same period

it is understood that the processing capacity of CNOOC Huizhou Refinery of 12million tons is only the first phase, and the processing capacity will be expanded to 40million tons in the second phase under operation, as well as the third and fourth phases in operation. Wangyilin, chairman of CNOOC, said this year that CNOOC is willing to build a "world-class Petrochemical new city" with Huizhou

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