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Obama's "visit to Cuba show" is more formal than content. There is still a crisis of trust.

Raul Castro saw off Obama. Photo/visual China

US President Barack Obama ended his visit to Cuba on the 22nd. "Obama warm current" has become a hot word in Havana, the capital of Cuba these days. It is not only because the sunny Havana has become unusually cold since Obama's visit, but also because Obama did not show much sincerity during his visit. Obama's visit has not achieved much natural function. Analysts believe that because of the long-standing grievances, there is still a long way to go for the normalization of us Cuba relations, and some key achievements will not be handled through a single visit

the visiting function does not shine

at the joint reception stopped by the two heads of state on the 21st, Raul Castro and Obama both said that the two countries would promote the further growth of normalization of relations and continue to strengthen cooperation in combating the afron smuggling, fighting the Zika virus and education

on the economic achievements that Cuba cares about, Obama did not put forward how to further eliminate the closure to Cuba, but only called on the United States to lift the embargo against Cuba, and expressed support for the growth of Cuba's private economy. Obama said that what the United States has done in the past 50 years is not suitable for the benefits of the United States, nor for the benefits of the Cuban people. He believes that the trade embargo against Cuba will be completely eliminated, but he can not give the right time

Raul stressed that the closure of the United States against Cuba for more than half a century still exists, which is the most important obstacle to the economic and social growth of Cuba and the improvement of people's life, that is, cutting the same width of 1cm between the outsole wall and the upper during sample preparation, and measuring the peel strength of each point. Raul also asked the United States to repay the U.S. Guantanamo base to Cuba

observers believe that Obama's visit to Cuba shows the failure of the United States' 50 year old policy of isolation from Cuba. Instead, the United States hopes to use its own economic and soft power to enter Cuba, promote the growth of Cuba's private economy, attract Cuban young people, and then affect Cuba's future growth. When obarton took over the Spanish channel of CNN this week, he said that letting Cubans have more access to trade and Internet may bring about greater changes

the crisis of trust still exists

perhaps the greatest significance of Obama's visit this time lies in the visit itself. The durable attention to the relevant materials such as the positive and negative materials, diaphragms, electrolytes, charging pile protection piles in the United States and Cuba will usher in unprecedented development opportunities. Paul of Brazil believes that Obama's trip is intended to salvage political bid money and want to occupy a place in history. This goal can be achieved through the process of visiting

Paul believes that Obama, whose term of office is coming to an end, can hardly do anything to spur us Cuba relations, which is mainly affected by three factors: first, there are fundamental differences between the United States and Cuba on the achievements of "human rights" and "democracy"; Second, leave more policy space for the presidential candidate of the Nationalist Party; Third, to build and preserve more horses for the future

guocunhai, deputy director of the social civilization office of the Latin American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believed that Raul pointed out at the meeting that "it is easy to destroy a bridge, and it is a difficult and durable task to rebuild a bridge", which confirmed that Raul did not hold high expectations for Obama to visit Cuba. The normalization of Cuba US relations and the re start of genuine cooperation require a process. It is unrealistic to rely on one visit to deal with the achievements that have lasted for decades. Tedcarpenter, an expert on defense and communication performance of the Cato society of the United States, took over the interview with Xinhua news agency and said that the vision of us Cuba relations largely depends on the results of the 2016 US presidential election

there may be changes in the future

although there is uncertainty, Obama's visit to Cuba is undoubtedly a landmark event in the process of normalization of us Cuba relations. Weidongting, deputy general manager of Shanxi Branch, an expert on Latin American achievements, Li Anping, deputy director of Shanxi Aluminum Plant, and xushicheng, a researcher of the Latin American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believe that Obama's visit to Cuba is beneficial to the people of the two countries, which should be certain

when Obama took over the visit of American Broadcasting Company Caiwei in Havana on the 21st, he said that the customary travel of American citizens to Cuba will soon be launched, and the flights and cruise ships from the United States to Cuba will soon be old-fashioned

Cubans also expressed their wait for the future of us Cuba relations. Cuban Nestor believed that Obama's visit to Cuba actually recognized the success of the Cuban people in this compromise to resist the closure of the United States. "We should see that the recent bilateral relations are slowly improving."

Miguel Angel, a resident of Havana, said: "Obama's visit to Cuba should not be just a show, but should take practical measures to improve the lives of Cubans. There are many intersections in our history, both good and bad. Leaders of the two countries should try their best to build a more stable and common bridge as soon as possible."

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