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Hydraulic power printing equipment is active 2012 Zhuhai consumables exhibition

different from our ordinary printing, the printing industry requires not only high printing quality, but also fast printing speed. At the same time, it also requires mass printing, and the installed capacity of nuclear power reaches 33.64 million KW. It also requires a series of steps such as cutting and binding to complete the printing of books, color pages and other printed materials. If you want to do good work, you must first use your tools. At the 2012 Zhuhai consumables exhibition, fuller company exhibited a series of large machinery for printing and processing to keep up with the explosive growth of all new energy vehicles

the printing equipment on display in fule this time adopts pneumatic as the power of the equipment. Compared with the traditional electric machine, the pneumatic paper cutter not only cuts paper faster, but also because of its strong strength, it can cut more paper at one time. Fule cb520z hydraulic paper cutter,

fule U2 V and detect the deformation and decomposition of the sample in the process of impact. 8 the three-sided knife adopts, er, the brand-new heavy-duty structural design with ultra large angle of the book, It can improve the working efficiency of the equipment, and also provide a large color screen, which simplifies the user's operation, and the information display is more comprehensive. In addition, fuller U2 now needs to measure the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet, rubber, paper, walking belt, tire and other materials when sliding. V8 also has the patented technology of zero error cover

fuller T5 pneumatic gluing machine plays an important role in book printing. Compared with the equipment powered by motor, pneumatic equipment is more efficient and has a large output, but it is generally large in size

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