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The world's largest hydrostatic driven bulldozer signed with China

at the 2016 BMW exhibition in Germany and the Las Vegas Mining Exhibition in the United States, Liebherr exhibited the world's largest hydrostatic driven bulldozer pr776, which won numerous praise and orders from customers, and successfully signed with Tibet Julong Copper Co., Ltd. six pr776 are about to go to a plateau mine located more than 5000 meters in Tibet

pr776 is equipped with Liebherr V12 cylinder diesel engine, with a power of 565kW, a complete machine weight of 74 tons, and a semi-u 18m3 blade or a U 22m3 blade

high efficiency and high performance modern stepless variable speed drive concept

like Liebherr's full range of bulldozers and loaders, pr776 still adopts the proud hydrostatic drive system. It is the largest bulldozer in the world that adopts the advanced concept of hydrostatic drive, with extremely high power transmission efficiency and safety

another advantage of hydrostatic drive is the optimization of pressure and flow. The working pressure of hydraulic system can develop and use new green, environmental friendly energy and frugal use of energy. It is the only way to achieve healthy economic development and energy recycling, so as to adjust according to external loads as needed. For example, when the bulldozer does not work at full load, the supply of high-pressure oil will be automatically adjusted and reduced accordingly. In light or medium workload, the pr776 operator can also choose eco economic mode to operate the bulldozer, which can not only complete the work efficiently, but also save a lot of fuel

what complements the hydrostatic drive system is the engine intelligent management system on the pr776, which can monitor and optimize the operation of each key component on the equipment; In the process of bulldozer operation, the intelligent management system and hydrostatic drive system of the bulldozer, which has been launched but has begun to steadily move towards mature mass production, can keep the engine at a constant speed. Even in the variable operation engineering, the speed will not change dramatically like other products on the market. The combination of the two makes pr776 surpass other products of the same era in drive system and power management, greatly increasing equipment efficiency and significantly reducing fuel consumption

in addition, the hydrostatic drive system can drive the tracks on both sides of the bulldozer independently at the same time, so the tracks on both sides of the pr776 can rotate opposite to each other to complete the in-situ steering, which is very suitable for working in narrow areas. The pr776 chassis adopts an elevated drive structure, the drive wheel is located above the chassis, and the supporting wheel and guide wheel adopt the floating mode, with low vibration, so that the maintenance can occupy the market conveniently

unprecedented operating comfort: intuitive and convenient

absorbing the characteristics of existing products in the market, pr776 pays special attention to the comfort and safety of equipment operation when it is developed. The cab has a large space and simple layout. The hydraulic multi-function joystick can control the actions of all equipment: the left handle controls the forward, backward and even turning of the bulldozer, and the right handle controls the up, down, left and right swing of the blade. The forward or backward speed of the bulldozer is proportional to the tilt angle of the control handle, and the speed memory function can also be set. Because of the hydrostatic drive system, the whole machine has no gearbox or torque converter, and there is no need to shift gears during operation

Liebherr pr776 cab control panel adopts a large-size touch screen, and all functions can be operated through the touch screen. The setting and adjustment of key parameters such as eco economic mode, automatic idle speed of engine and response time of drive system can be completed on the touch screen. Moreover, the monitoring content of the rear-view camera can also be displayed through the touch screen

super clear vision and excellent safety

as a German mechanical equipment manufacturer, Liebherr products adhere to the concept of integration. Pr776 is designed and manufactured by Liebherr in terms of engine, hydraulic pump valve, motor cylinder and other hardware, as well as engine management system, hydraulic pump management system and electronic control management system, so as to ensure the overall matching of the equipment and the convenience of later service

Liebherr can also use customized product solutions for desert environments, cold or hot areas, and even high-altitude areas according to customers' needs

optimize the convenience of product service, and the regular maintenance interval is long.

all the regular maintenance points of Liebherr pr776 are centrally arranged. The hood can be opened upward at a large angle for convenient maintenance. If it is the opposite, replace any two connected positions for maintenance. More specifically, the cab of Liebherr bulldozer can be tilted backward as a whole, which is very convenient to check the hydraulic system components located under the cab. The engine radiator fan located at the rear of the equipment can also be opened to the outside, making the radiator cleaning extremely easy

pr776 engine oil, hydraulic oil and other oil products have a long service life. Liebherr hydraulic oil can work for up to 8000 hours when oil samples are tested regularly

because of the hydrostatic drive system, the pr776 is simple and compact in structure, and the maintenance work is correspondingly simple. There is no gearbox, so there is no need to maintain the gearbox regularly. Due to the self-locking characteristics of hydraulic oil, hydraulic braking is sufficient during normal operation, and the brake friction plate is basically not used, and there is no wear, so it is exempt from regular inspection and replacement

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