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With the development of sensor technology, the research team led by researcher Zhang Tao of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made important progress in the decomposition of hydrazine to produce hydrogen. For the first time, the low-cost nickel catalyst was used to realize the high-efficiency decomposition of hydrazine hydrate to produce hydrogen at room temperature, which provided a new idea for the development of efficient hydrogen sources

the team led by researcher Zhang Tao has been committed to the research of Hydrazine Decomposition Catalysts for a long time, and has carried out systematic basic research around the efficient utilization and substitution of precious metals. This time, they used hydrotalcite as a precursor to prepare a new type of nickel alumina catalyst. The material takes into account high metal dispersion and strong alkalinity. It can completely decompose hydrazine hydrate at room temperature, and the hydrogen selectivity can reach 98%

it is reported that hydrazine is an important liquid propellant, which is widely used in the attitude and orbit control of various aerospace vehicles. Hydrazine combines with water to form hydrazine hydrate, which can be used as an ideal hydrogen storage material to meet the needs of hydrogen use in special occasions. However, the difficulty in this process lies in the development of high-performance catalysts, which need to improve their hydrogen production selectivity and activity under mild conditions. The research results of existing high-performance catalysts mainly focus on noble metal alloy nano particle catalysts. It is very challenging to develop non noble metal catalysts to realize the efficient decomposition of hydrazine at room temperature to produce hydrogen

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