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Hydraulic pull-down book block flattening machine

patent name: Hydraulic pull-down book block flattening machine

patent application No: 9 Publication No.:

application date: September 2, 2003 publication date 2004.10.20

applicant: Zibo Shuangqi environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd.

from raw materials to equipment suppliers, the utility model relates to an improved book block flattening machine for flattening before binding printed products. The organic frame has a guide rod passing through the workbench. The upper end of the guide rod is connected with the upper pressing beam, and the lower end of the guide rod is connected with the piston rod of hydraulic power through the pull-down beam. The structure is simple, the hydraulic power installation pressure is adjustable and controllable, and the pressing quality is good. It is easy to realize automatic control, improve production efficiency, safe and reliable, and is conducive to popularization and application

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