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On the cultural orientation of contemporary Chinese industrial design culture is a social phenomenon and the sum of material and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical practice. It reflects the level of technological progress, production experience and people's labor skills, education, science, literature, art and appropriate facilities in a certain historical stage of society

any society is composed of three major elements: politics, economy and culture, but the proportions, status, functions and interrelations of these three elements in the process of human historical development are different. The elements of culture are the elements of knowledge, such as the hydraulic oil of cars and cranes. The difference between knowledge and other economic elements such as resources and labor is that it can not only be reused, but also its value will not weaken with the deepening of human mastery and application, and it has the utility characteristics of increasing return. Therefore, the development of economy is inseparable from the development of culture, and the development of culture will inevitably lead to the improvement of knowledge. They will always develop in a positive proportion

practice has proved that high cultural content and wide range of knowledge are two important factors to promote social economy. Therefore, building the Cultural Fulcrum of China's industrial design is an advanced scientific system engineering. Because the core of culture is creation. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, many manufacturing industries in traditional industrial society have become intelligent industrial and economic benefits. The more unique the culture and high technology of the products designed by enterprises, the more communicative and international they will be, and the higher their value will be

China's industrial design has stumbled for more than 20 years. After decades of honing, some progress has been made, but the results are unsatisfactory. China's industrial design gives people the impression that it lacks creativity, has a weak sense of innovation, and its imitation and re creation ability is "outstanding". Over the years, many industrial product designs rely on "one imitation, two transformation and three creation" to make "new products". In these product designs, many traces of European and American design or Japanese design style are exposed, but we can't see the trace of our national culture. The pallor of this design makes our industrial design weak in the market competition

many industrial designers are also confused and worried because many industrial products are not designed by Chinese industrial designers according to their own ideas. Many of their original designs are often strangled in the blueprint because entrepreneurs lack long-term vision. Because what entrepreneurs pursue is short-term profits. There is nothing wrong with enterprises seeking survival and making profits, but if entrepreneurs blindly instruct designers to "copy and imitate" and become the quickest means for them to make profits, it will ruin some talented designers. Because a design stops creating, his design career means death

industrial design has distinctive characteristics of the times. It reflects the material production level, people's ideology and production mode of different times, regions and nations. Industrial design itself is the product of culture, because it conveys the materialized beauty of technology in a unique way, and also reflects the value orientation of culture in the commodity society. It advocates designers to create a new way of life and a new living environment to improve people's quality of life, and the new living environment and new quality of life should be enriched by a large number of new products

the birth of the "federal chair" more than ten years ago undoubtedly brought a bright luster to the industrial design industry. As a local original furniture in China leading the trend of furniture, the "federal chair" is popular all over the country, bringing high profits to enterprises and creating a mythical sensation. The success of the "federal chair" lies in its successful creativity of designing life with accurate positioning of cultural design. Its shape is both traditional thick and calm, and there is no lack of lines. First of all, we introduce the smoothness of its hydraulic system and the brightness of its color. Its structure seems simple, and there is nothing wonderful about its function, but it shows the tension of culture and the appeal of art; In terms of material selection, the Chinese people's complex for solid wood is cleverly used to meet the contemporary people's pursuit of traditional culture. "Federal chair" has become a model of cultural innovation in the furniture industry, and its success is due to the finding of cultural support. Some people may disagree that industrial design is an ordinary product design, which does not need to be labeled with "culture". In fact, it is not. Industrial design is not only a culture, but also a materialized state. It has a distinctive national cultural form, and the industrial designer is the creator of this culture. He should not only break the mystery of culture, And Jinan gold testing machine classification should shoulder the sense of cultural mission and sacredness

it is true that we have no intention to criticize industrial designers who have been exposed to the inertia atmosphere formed by imitation for decades, and we should understand many artificial obstacles they encounter in design practice. Their inner anguish for revitalizing industrial design has changed from hope to disappointment, which is not understandable by others. We point out that there are abnormal phenomena in industrial design. We hope that our industrial designers can straighten out their ideas, adjust their mentality, know how to use design to persuade entrepreneurs, not be entrepreneurs' servants, but obey orders, pay more attention to personalized design in design creativity, absorb more essence of Chinese cultural tradition, integrate Chinese traditional culture into their product design, so that their works can truly reflect Chinese style, With the traditional concepts of "advocating nature" and "returning to simplicity and truth", we can deduce the great cultural concepts of contemporary "green design" and "environmental protection design", so as to connect the traditional cultural concepts with the international design concepts, and find the cultural positioning that conforms to the common ideal of mankind. I believe that in the new century, China's industrial designers will have a broad and free world, because people's pursuit of beautiful things has never stopped since ancient times. (end)

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